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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - Turkish AirlinesIn a groundbreaking move to reshape the international air travel landscape, Turkish Airlines and Riyadh Air have inked a Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This historic agreement, signed amidst the prestigious ICAO Air Services Negotiation Event (ICAN 2023) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, heralds a new era of connectivity and innovation in the aviation sector.

Turkish Airlines, renowned for its extensive global network, joins forces with the emerging powerhouse, Riyadh Air. This partnership is not just a business transaction; it symbolizes a bridge between Türkiye and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, strengthening ties and fostering a new wave of cultural and economic exchange.

Levent Konukcu, Chief Investment & Technology Officer at Turkish Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm for the alliance, stating, “This MoU transcends a mere collaboration. It’s a landmark in our continued efforts to link cultures and people across continents. Our synergy with Riyadh Air will bring unprecedented convenience and choice to our guests, contributing to the flourishing tourism and business landscapes of both nations.”

Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas echoed this sentiment, highlighting the strategic importance of the partnership. “Aligning with Turkish Airlines, a titan in global aviation, is a pivotal step for Riyadh Air. This partnership will extend our reach, offering seamless connectivity to over 130 destinations worldwide. Our collaboration is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in serving our passengers.”Riyadh Air launches globally

The MoU promises a plethora of benefits for travellers, including a comprehensive interline and codeshare agreement, enabling smooth connections between and across the networks of both airlines. Additionally, the cooperation extends to loyalty programs, allowing passengers to earn points or credits on codeshare flights, with plans for an expanded loyalty framework.

Beyond passenger services, the MoU encompasses a broader spectrum of collaboration. Both airlines commit to exploring synergies in various domains, including aviation services, cargo, and digital development. This holistic approach promises efficiencies and advancements across the aviation value chain.

The timing of this partnership is crucial, aligning with Riyadh Air’s operational launch in mid-2025. The alliance is subject to regulatory approvals, but once operational, it will significantly enhance travel options and experiences for guests of both airlines.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond the airlines themselves. It is a strategic move aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030, spearheaded by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh Air emerges as a critical player in this vision, driving the diversification and enrichment of the Kingdom’s economy. Furthermore, the Saudi Aviation and National Tourism Strategy found a strong ally in this partnership, unlocking Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural and natural heritage to a global audience.

This alliance is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of the global aviation industry. It reflects a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and connectivity. As Turkish Airlines and Riyadh Air embark on this journey together, they set a new benchmark in international air travel, promising a future where distances are shortened and cultural exchanges are enriched.

In conclusion, the Turkish Airlines-Riyadh Air MoU is more than an agreement; it’s a pioneering move towards a more connected and collaborative future in global aviation. It’s a beacon of hope and progress, heralding a new chapter in the annals of international air travel, where possibilities are as boundless as the skies.




Written by: Charmaine Lu