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American Cruise Lines - Longest U.S. River Cruise in History is SOLD OUTIn an extraordinary display of the burgeoning demand for domestic travel experiences, American Cruise Lines has just announced the complete sell-out of its two groundbreaking cruise itineraries for 2024. The 61-Day Great United States and the 35-Day Civil War Battlefields cruises, both recently unveiled, have captured the public’s imagination and excitement, leading to this remarkable milestone.

The 61-Day Great United States cruise, a unique journey through America’s diverse landscapes, is notably the most extended river cruise itinerary ever offered in the United States. This unprecedented voyage along the nation’s waterways signifies a new chapter in domestic tourism, offering travellers an extensive exploration of the country’s rich geography and heritage. On the other hand, the Civil War Battlefields cruise provides a deep dive into the nation’s history, taking passengers on a thought-provoking journey through 20 significant Civil War battlefields.

“The Great United States cruise and Civil War Battlefields cruise are not just trips; they are comprehensive explorations of the American spirit,” remarked Charles B. Robertson, President & CEO of American Cruise Lines. “These journeys reflect our commitment to showcasing the nation’s vast geography and our operational expertise.”

This surge in demand for longer domestic cruising experiences has prompted American Cruise Lines to expand its offerings further. Responding to the enthusiastic market reception, the company has introduced a series of new National Parks cruises. These range from 12 to 19 days, including two Alaska National Parks cruises featuring guided tours of Denali, Kenai Fjords, and Glacier Bay National Parks. The success of these itineraries is a testament to the company’s strategic growth and the introduction of three new ships in 2023, which have been pivotal in making these extended U.S. cruise itineraries possible.

The sold-out status of the 2024 departure dates for these itineraries is a clear indicator of the public’s growing interest in longer, more immersive domestic travel experiences. While 2024 dates are no longer available, American Cruise Lines has already begun accepting bookings for 2025 and 2026. There are still some open spots for the 2024 National Parks cruises and additional dates for these itineraries in the following years.

For those interested in these historic cruises, America offers a variety of experiences. The 19-day Grand Alaska National Parks cruise combines an 11-day Alaska cruise with guided exploration in Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks, cruising in Glacier Bay National Park, the Inside Passage, and Frederick Sound. The 16-Day Alaska National Parks cruise and the 16-Day National Parks & Legendary Rivers cruise provide similar in-depth experiences. A 12-day Great Smoky Mountains National Park cruise offers a unique perspective on this renowned natural treasure.

American Cruise Lines’ dedicated National Parks webpage provides detailed information on all itineraries that visit U.S. National Parks, making it easy for travellers to find their perfect adventure.

In summary, American Cruise Lines’ record-setting river cruises represent a significant shift in the travel industry, highlighting an increased appetite for comprehensive, domestic travel experiences. As these itineraries sell out rapidly, they underscore the allure of exploring the United States’ rich tapestry of landscapes and history from the unique vantage point of its rivers.




Written by: Octavia Koo