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Galderma First Impressions symposiumIn an era of rapid technological advancement and shifting global dynamics, Sydney-based brand experience powerhouse Synergy Effect spearheads a transformative approach to business challenges. Led by the visionary co-founder and 2023 Atlassian Women Leading Technology winner Ruth Hirst, the company has unveiled a series of groundbreaking event solutions.

The Hybrid Event Revolution

Central to Synergy Effect’s strategy is the adoption of hybrid event models. This approach caters to a globally dispersed workforce and customer base, tapping into the flexibility afforded by digitization. Hirst highlights, “Our multi-site events blend innovation with flexibility, ensuring quality brand experiences for all attendees, irrespective of their physical location.”Ingite60

Case in Point: The Galderma Symposium

A testament to this strategy’s efficacy was the 2022 Galderma Symposium, orchestrated by Synergy Effect. This event, which won accolades at the Australian Event Awards, seamlessly connected over 6,000 delegates across 15 cities. The key to its success is utilizing 3D, 360-degree dynamic sets, allowing for an immersive, globally inclusive experience.

Upskilling the Workforce

Another challenge identified by Hirst is the large-scale need for employee training. By 2027, 60% of employees will require new skills. Synergy Effect addresses this through immersive online and hybrid experiences, facilitating professional development and enhancing customer engagement.

Creating Authentic Connections

In an era where brand connection is pivotal, Synergy Effect’s strategies in creating meaningful, direct-to-consumer educational experiences are particularly noteworthy. Hirst envisions “Localized, small-group live events across regions, engaging customers with interactive live brand-centric shows.”

Championing Sustainability and Inclusion

Synergy Effect is not just transforming event management but is also a vanguard for environmental and social responsibility. The company’s hybrid-multisite or online events significantly reduce carbon footprints. Additionally, Synergy Effect’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in its event designs, ensuring accessibility and representation.

Economical and Time-Efficient Solutions

Acknowledging the pressures of tight budgets and time constraints, Synergy Effect’s Connect360 suite offers cost-effective, time-saving solutions. These include Ignite60, Reach360, and Influence360, each designed to cater to different scales and types of events, maximizing engagement and impact.

In conclusion, under Ruth Hirst’s leadership, Synergy Effect is not just responding to current business challenges; it is actively shaping the future of event management. With a keen focus on inclusivity, sustainability, and technological innovation, the company is poised to redefine how businesses connect, educate, and inspire.

Visit Synergy Effect: synergyeffect.com.au.




Written by: Jill Walsh