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The Eastside Rooms - logoIn the dynamic world of event management, the Eastside Rooms is a testament to adaptability and foresight. Their recent survey, encompassing the perspectives of 125 global event professionals, casts a revealing light on the shifting tides of delegate behaviour and the corresponding impact on the event industry.

The survey, conducted in October 2023, delves into the nuances of economic challenges organisations and individuals face. A striking 83% of event organizers reported a surge in event costs over the past year. This increase has not only affected organizers but has also reshaped attendee behaviour. Approximately 35% of respondents noted a growing reluctance among attendees to participate in in-person events, which escalates to 41% among associations and non-profits, compared to 25% in corporate entities.

A significant dimension of this behavioural shift is the reluctance to travel long distances for events. The data shows that 38% of corporate and 51% of association/non-profit delegates exhibit this unwillingness. Accompanying this trend is an increased preference for virtual attendance, with 36% of respondents observing a rise in digital participation.

The Eastside Rooms, strategically located in the heart of England, is responding to these challenges with innovative strategies. Emphasizing its accessible location, the venue bolsters its appeal to organizers and delegates who are now, more than ever, conscious of travel distances. Its investment in hybrid-ready production equipment and advanced AV technology is a forward-thinking move, aligning with the growing demand for digital engagement options.

Leanne Bladen, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Eastside Rooms, encapsulates this adaptive spirit. “The current economic challenges are reshaping the event landscape, particularly affecting associations, non-profits, and corporates. Understanding these shifts is crucial for everyone in the event delivery chain,” she asserts. The survey, an initiative by The Eastside Rooms, is more than just an information-gathering exercise. It is a strategic tool guiding their ongoing efforts to provide exemplary service and adapt to emerging client needs.

The proximity of the Aloft Hotel to The Eastside Rooms is another strategic advantage, easing concerns about hotel stays and streamlining the experience for delegates. This synergy between the venue and hotel is a hallmark of thoughtful planning, ensuring attendees’ comfortable and convenient stay.

The survey’s demographic spread is noteworthy, with 69% of respondents from the UK, 19% from Europe, and 12% from other global regions, offering a comprehensive view of the industry landscape. The classification of respondents into associations/non-profits and corporates further refines the insights, allowing for targeted strategies.

In conclusion, The Eastside Rooms is not merely responding to the challenges of the times; it is actively shaping the future of event management. Its commitment to understanding and adapting to delegate needs is setting new standards in the industry, proving that innovation and empathy are the keys to success in times of change.




Written by: Jill Walsh