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Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) today announced the release of over-the-air (OTA) software updates for its industry-leading Gogo AVANCE platform.

Now, new and existing customers can update their AVANCE system software remotely through Gogo DASH – an app-based toolkit exclusively available to AVANCE customers – eliminating the need for additional downtime to perform manual software updates.

With the introduction of OTA, AVANCE software updates can now be deployed without physically touching the aircraft, significantly reducing the time required for important software updates, and vastly improving the efficiency and management of upgrading large fleets.

“This industry-first capability for connectivity systems demonstrates our deep understanding of business aviation, and the maintenance required of aviation-grade technology,” said Sergio Aguirre, Gogo’s president and chief operating officer. “OTA software updates can be done completely hands-free, saving our customers time and money, and ensuring that they have the latest AVANCE features and functionality.”

AVANCE customers can experience the ease of OTA software updates using a Cloudport connection via Gogo’s secure digital content delivery network, Gogo Cloud, or via Terrestrial Modem (TM). After Dec. 31, 2024, OTA will be available to all AVANCE customers exclusively through the Gogo Cloud network.