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CATO LogoIn a landmark move for the travel industry, the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) and the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) have embarked on a path-breaking alliance, setting a new paradigm in global travel collaboration. This historic engagement was marked by CATO Chair Dennis Bunnik’s recent visit to USTOA’s headquarters in New York City.

Amid the shimmering skyline of New York, Bunnik and USTOA’s Executive Vice President Peggy Murphy convened in a pivotal meeting that promises to reshape the future of international travel. Fueled by a shared vision of resilience and growth, this strategic dialogue focused on navigating the travel sector through the complex post-pandemic landscape and the intricacies of current geopolitical challenges.

A cornerstone of their discussion was CATO’s latest advancements in its accreditation program and consumer protection strategies, showcasing a deep commitment to elevating travel standards worldwide. This cross-continental engagement also provided a platform for an enriching exchange on government lobbying techniques. Both leaders brought their unique experiences and insights to the table, laying the groundwork for more robust advocacy and policy impact.

In a statement that underscores the essence of this alliance, Bunnik emphasized, “Our members operate across borders, and it is through these invaluable partnerships that we can collectively develop and advance our sector.” This sentiment resonates with the global travel community’s need for interconnectedness and mutual support in these challenging times.

Further solidifying their partnership, CATO and USTOA agreed to share vital sector and market research, recognizing this exchange’s immense mutual benefits. This meeting in New York is not a solitary event but part of CATO’s ongoing global dialogue following its recent engagements with sister organizations in Auckland and Canada.

This strategic collaboration between CATO and USTOA is more than a mere alliance; it is a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring spirit of the global travel industry. As these travel titans join forces, they aim to revive the sector, innovate and lead it into a new era of growth and prosperity.




Written by: Don Power