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The Inn of The Five Graces - logoIn the heart of Santa Fe, a city where ancient traditions blend with modern elegance, The Inn of The Five Graces stands as a beacon of luxury and cultural immersion.

This renowned boutique resort, a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group, has recently unveiled its latest initiative: the Five Graces Private Experiences. In a unique partnership with local tour experts, Heritage Inspirations, the Inn is offering its guests an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of New Mexico’s culture, heritage, and landscapes.

Observing how to make freshly baked Horno bread at the Naranjo Family's Puebloan Home (Courtesy of The Inn of The Five Graces)

Observing how to make freshly baked Horno bread at the Naranjo Family’s Puebloan Home

Sharif Seret, a spokesperson for The Inn, eloquently captures the essence of these new offerings. “At the core of the Five Graces Private Experiences is our unwavering commitment to providing not just a stay, but a journey into the soul of Santa Fe,” he says. “Through our collaboration with Heritage Inspirations, we’re opening doors to extraordinary, tailored adventures that resonate with the spirit of the region and leave indelible impressions on our guests.”

The experiences are meticulously curated, designed to transport guests from the opulent comfort of the Inn into the heart of New Mexico’s mesmerizing scenery and vibrant cultural scenes. Each journey begins in a private car, accompanied by a knowledgeable field guide, ensuring an intimate and insightful exploration. From the sacred Puebloan homes, where ancient baking techniques are still cherished, to the breathtaking outdoor adventures amidst New Mexico’s iconic landscapes, these tours promise a sensory feast and a deep connection with the local ethos.

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Guests at The Inn of The Five Graces can choose from an array of bespoke experiences, each designed to showcase a different facet of Santa Fe’s distinctive charm.

Puebloan Horno Baking in Ohkay Owingeh: This full-day tour is a deep dive into the heart of Puebloan culture. It begins with a scenic drive through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the historic Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo. Here, guests are welcomed into the Naranjo family home to participate in the traditional art of Horno baking. The aroma of fresh bread, the warmth of the wood-burning oven, and the family’s tales weave together to create a tapestry of sensory and emotional engagement, providing an authentic glimpse into the Puebloan way of life.

Exploring New Mexico's Plaza Blanca in the Rio Chama Hills (Credit - The Inn of The Five Graces)

Exploring New Mexico’s Plaza Blanca in the Rio Chama Hills .

The Abiquiu Artists Landscape: For those captivated by the artistic soul of New Mexico, this journey through Georgia O’Keeffe’s beloved landscapes is a dream come true. The tour includes visits to the stunning white cliffs of Plaza Blanca and the homes and studios of local artists, Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton. It’s an exploration of creativity, inspired by the natural beauty of the Chama River valley, culminating in a gourmet picnic amidst the serene backdrop.

Culinary River Adventure: Adventure seekers and culinary enthusiasts will revel in this unique experience. It combines an exhilarating rafting trip on the Rio Grande with a gourmet picnic at the Vivác Winery. The journey offers breathtaking views of the canyon and an up-close encounter with New Mexico’s natural splendour, complemented by exquisite local cuisine and wines.

The High Road to Taos Pueblo: This excursion takes guests along the scenic High Road to Taos, encompassing visits to sacred sites, local artists’ studios, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taos Pueblo. The journey is rich in history and culture, offering a profound connection to the diverse heritage of New Mexico.

New Mexico's famed UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taos Pueblo (Courtesy of The Inn of The Five Graces)

New Mexico’s famed UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taos Pueblo.

Into the Heart of Bandelier: A Journey to the Bandelier National Monument is a step back in time. This experience includes a guided hike through ancient cliff dwellings and a luxurious picnic set against the backdrop of the Pajarito Plateau’s stunning landscapes. It’s a journey not just through space, but through time, offering insights into the lives of the ancestral Pueblo Peoples.

Each of these experiences is a testament to The Inn of The Five Graces’ commitment to celebrating the unique spirit of Santa Fe and New Mexico. The Inn itself is a reflection of this spirit. Originally established as Seret’s 1001 Nights in 1996 by Ira and Sylvia Seret, the Inn underwent a transformation to become the entity it is today – a luxurious sanctuary that blends traditional building methods with décor inspired by the couple’s global travels. Sylvia’s mosaic artworks and Ira’s design sensibilities have turned the Inn into a kaleidoscope of cultural aesthetics.

The Inn’s accolades are a testament to its exceptional quality and unique appeal. It has been recognized by prestigious awards, including being named the #1 Top City Hotel by Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards and receiving high rankings in Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. These accolades reflect the Inn’s ability to offer not just a place to stay, but an experience that resonates with the senses and the soul.

The Five Graces Private Experiences are more than just tours; they are gateways to understanding and appreciating the rich tapestry of New Mexico’s culture and landscapes. For those seeking an escape that combines luxury with a deep cultural immersion, The Inn of The Five Graces in Santa Fe presents an opportunity like no other.

For more information or to book one of these unique experiences, visit The Inn of The Five Graces’ website.




Written by: Jason Smith