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Always popular with TIC members, Silversea Cruises offers more industry rates in our Pacific and Asian regions. As you know, the Southern Hemisphere season is predominantly from November to March. Silversea has three ships sailing the Pacific and Tasman and up to 5 in Asia between November and May, providing us with an array of spectacular itineraries. Cruising close to home minimises travelling time, airfare and overall costs. This week, we highlight itineraries close to home, where you will find over 40 options on our website. Northern Hemisphere 2024 sailings will be available shortly.

As fellow travellers, we yearn to discover the world and satisfy our curiosities, relishing in distinctive and memorable moments. Travelling is experience(s); when you cruise, you invest in your experience. Luxury is many things, including freedom of choice.

Silversea sums it up – “Enriched by the Freedom of choice, authentic experience is the new currency of luxury”.

Silversea luxury all-inclusive cruising includes shore excursions in all ports for all guests and industry members.

At industry rates, your investment in Silversea Cruises is the ultimate.

Silversea Cruises.

Silversea – new & updated industry rates.

Up to 70% discount.
All-inclusive sailings for TIC members.
Savings and prices are per person.
TIC members, Book Now!

Here are a few examples – see the website for more

San Francisco/Lautoka 15 Jan 20 nights from $13800, TIC $5040
Brisbane/Bali 27 Feb 19 nights from $13300, TIC $7870
Hong Kong /Tokyo 14 Mar 16 nights from $10850, for you $6930
Lautoka/Sydney 05 Feb 19 nights from $15500, TIC $6510
Singapore/Darwin 24 May 16 nights from $21650, yours $11610
Darwin/Broome 09 Jun 10 nights from $11450, TIC $6840
Honolulu/Lautoka 21 Jan 14 nights from $9800, yours $6490
Tokyo/Anchorage 21 Apr 20 nights from $15200, TIC $8000
West Coast- Darwin/Perth or v.v. Aug 17 nights from $19950, TIC $12110
Christmas Sydney/Auckland 21 Dec 14 nights from $11550, TIC $5840
Auckland/Sydney 11 Feb 13 nights from $10650, yours $6270
Bali/Tokyo 18 Mar 14 nights from $11250, TIC $6390

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