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Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, ChampagneIn an exhilarating display of luxury, culture, and unparalleled experiences, Belmond, a leader in the world of sophisticated and opulent travel, has announced its lineup for 2024. This announcement sets the stage for a series of adventures that blend rich heritage, artistic elegance, and sustainable luxury, ushering in a new era of travel for discerning globetrotters.

A Return to the Rails: The Eastern & Oriental Express

After a four-year interlude, the legendary Eastern & Oriental Express, a jewel in Belmond’s crown, is set to return to Southeast Asia’s tracks in February 2024. Promising an unprecedented journey through the heart of Malaysia and Singapore, the train introduces two new seasonal itineraries: the Essence of Malaysia and Wild Malaysia. These voyages are not just trips but a canvas where the ever-changing landscapes of Malaysia intertwine with vibrant cities, offering a peek into the soul of Southeast Asia.

125 Years of Mount Nelson: A Cape Town Icon

Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel in Cape Town, is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a flourish. The hotel, synonymous with elegance and history, is hosting the third edition of MITICO, featuring a large-scale art installation by a globally acclaimed conceptual artist. This artistic endeavour aligns with Cape Town’s Investec Art Fair, marking a milestone in the city’s vibrant art scene.

Maroma’s Commitment to Nature and Luxury

Maroma, a Belmond Hotel in Riviera Maya, is not just about luxury; it’s a testament to Belmond’s commitment to sustainability. The hotel will soon house Latin America’s first Guerlain spa, a wellness sanctuary amidst nature. The Maroma Spa by Guerlain is a biophilic masterpiece, offering treatments that resonate with nature’s rhythms. Furthermore, the hotel protects the endangered Melipona bee, symbolising the region’s ecological heritage.

The Artistic Journey Continues with MITICO

Belmond’s collaboration with Galleria Continua enters its third year with MITICO, a series of art installations by the esteemed Daniel Buren. Spanning various Belmond properties, including those in Rio, Cape Town, Spain, and Italy, this project celebrates art in its most expansive form.

Tuscan Elegance: Castello di Casole’s New Villas

In Tuscany, the Castello di Casole, a Belmond Hotel, is unveiling two new private villas, Villa Thesan and Villa Usil. These villas, steeped in Etruscan heritage and designed by Alessandro Moriconi, blend tradition and modern luxury. Surrounded by the picturesque Tuscan countryside, they offer a unique way to experience Italy’s heartland.

Slow Travel Redefined: Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat

April 2024 will witness the launch of Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat in Champagne. This intimate river boat is a floating testament to luxury, offering bespoke experiences in collaboration with Maison Ruinart. It’s not just a journey; it’s an immersion into the world of champagne and French culinary excellence.

Culinary Excellence: Chef Jorge Muñoz’s New Venture

Belmond’s culinary landscape is set to be redefined by Chef Jorge Muñoz, who takes the helm at Monasterio, A Belmond Hotel in Cusco, and onboard the Hiram Bingham and Andean Explorer trains. His fusion of Peruvian and international cuisines promises an unparalleled dining experience, with views of the Andes as the backdrop.

Wellness Meets Paradise: Cap Juluca’s New Spa

In Anguilla, the Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, is set to launch a new spa in partnership with Guerlain. Drawing inspiration from the island’s Indigenous Arawak tribe, this spa will be a sanctuary where wellness meets the serenity of Maundays Bay.

A New Era of Travel

Belmond’s 2024 offerings are more than just destinations; they are experiences crafted to touch the soul. Each venture, whether on rails, in historic hotels, or aboard a luxury boat, is a testimony to Belmond’s commitment to blending luxury with cultural immersion, sustainability, and artistic expression. As we look forward to 2024, Belmond is not just offering trips but inviting us to participate in a journey that celebrates the world in its most magnificent form.




Written by: Charmaine Lu