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LuggageCamIn a groundbreaking advancement poised to redefine travel and luggage security dynamics, Package, Inc. has unveiled LuggageCam – a pioneering solution designed to eradicate the perennial problem of lost luggage. This innovative technology stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the travel industry, offering hope to the 76,000 passengers facing the ordeal of mishandling luggage daily.

The LuggageCam system, a marvel of modern technology, integrates a comprehensive set of tools for both consumers and airlines. It presents an ecosystem encompassing the LuggageCam enterprise cloud platform and the consumer app, harmoniously functioning to ensure that every piece of luggage is tracked, monitored, and secured throughout its journey. This dual approach bolsters airline efficiency and gives travellers real-time information and control over their belongings.



What sets LuggageCam apart from conventional luggage trackers is its multifaceted functionality. It’s not just a dot on a map; it’s a guardian angel for your belongings. Offering real-time video streaming, motion, shock, tamper monitoring, continuous location tracking, and mobile alerts, LuggageCam transforms any ordinary bag into a smart travel companion. With updates on flight status, gate changes, and baggage handling instructions, it keeps both airlines and passengers in a loop of constant communication and reassurance.

Bryan Davis, CEO of Package, Inc., encapsulates the company’s vision, stating, “By embracing the power of connectivity and end-to-end security, we are paving the way for a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our lifestyles, making every aspect of our lives smarter, simpler, safer, and more secure.”

LuggageCam’s product line is a symphony of innovation featuring:

  • SmartClip™: A versatile tracking and security system offering surround-view cameras and real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • SmartTag™: A digital luggage tag providing flight and travel updates, ensuring your luggage reaches its rightful destination.
  • SmartLock™: Combining a combination lock with biometric features and alerts for ultimate luggage security.
  • LuggageInsure™: A tailored insurance service offering travellers comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.
  • InvestCard™: A unique credit card offering exclusive rewards and investment opportunities in Package, Inc.’s product portfolio.

For airlines, LuggageCam promises a new revenue stream and enhanced customer satisfaction. Its leasing program, integrating RFID, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS technologies, offers a universal luggage tracking and security solution. This innovation augments airlines’ profitability and fosters customer loyalty by assuring passengers of their luggage’s safety.

Package, Inc.’s initiative extends beyond product development, inviting public participation in its journey through a WeFunder campaign. This opportunity allows investors to be part of a movement that’s setting new standards in travel security and customer experience.

In conclusion, Package, Inc.’s LuggageCam heralds a new era in travel, where lost luggage becomes a relic of the past. It’s not just an investment in technology but a step towards a more secure, efficient, and worry-free travel experience.




Written by: Yves Thomas