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Firmly established as a best-selling destination for Crooked Compass, we know why Mongolia topped Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2024’ list. One of Asia’s last frontiers, its timeless nomadic culture and dramatic landscapes embodies the spirit of exploration and captures the imagination of adventurous travellers.

WATCH a Crooked Compass Mongolia tour in action.

Crooked Compass offers seven meticulously crafted journeys to Mongolia that delve into the heart of this remarkable country. Small group tours immerse travellers in the rich traditions, breathtaking wilderness, and genuine warmth of the local people.

Here are three of our favourites…

Reindeer Tribes of Mongolia
Once a thriving community, the Tsaachin tribe has dwindled to only 200-400 members. Spending time with these fascinating nomads offers deep insights into this extraordinary way of life. Crooked Compass plays an important role in helping their culture survive through supplemental income and facilitating a two-way cultural exchange. Travel on horseback to reach the remote settlement, with the support of guides, cooks and horse tenders. Sleep in teepees like a local and continue through mountains and lush forests to arrive at the turquoise waters of Lake Khuvsgul.

10 Days from $5,482 departing 9 June, 2024.

Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival
This annual traditional festival celebrates the heritage of Kazakh eagle hunters (Burkitshi). See them compete to catch small animals such as foxes and hares with specially trained golden eagles, showing off the skills of the birds and their trainers. Combine this memorable festival with exploring the Gobi Desert. Travel through mountainous terrain, as well as Mongolia’s highest peaks and largest glaciers. Mingle with nomads as you learn their way of life and the challenges of living off the land.

13 Days from $6,983 departing 30 August, 2024.

Naadam Festival
This is truly one of the world’s most exciting and colourful festivals, with traditional games so unique they are listed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Taking place across Mongolia, Crooked Compass offers a more intimate encounter by venturing to a remote town in the country’s north to embrace the Naadam festivities. Uncrowded and authentic, this immersive experience is the perfect event encompassing sport, tradition and history alongside the locals.
10 Days from $6,576 departing 4 July, 2024