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Western Sydney Airport - logoIn a groundbreaking initiative, Western Sydney International Airport (WSIA) has become a beacon of hope and opportunity in the quest for gender equality in the aviation industry. The recently held Aviation Careers Forum in Parramatta, a pivotal component of the “Empowering & Enabling the Women of Western Sydney Program,” marked a significant step towards dismantling gender and cultural barriers in this traditionally male-dominated field.

Attracting over 100 women from the Greater Western Sydney region, the forum highlighted the myriad career paths available in the airport and aviation sectors. Katy Hannouch, General Manager of Community Engagement and Social Impact at WSIA, emphasized the program’s profound impact. “It’s more than just a forum; it’s a movement to transform lives. Our goal is to unlock the untapped potential of hundreds of local women, guiding them towards fulfilling careers in aviation,” she stated.

Women in Aviation Forum

Women in Aviation Forum.

Claire Delaney, the driving force behind the forum from Flight Deck, expressed gratitude towards WSIA for its support and enthusiasm. “The dedication shown by WSIA in nurturing and informing women about current and future opportunities at the airport is commendable,” Delaney remarked.

This initiative comes at a crucial time, as nearly half of Western Sydney’s residents commute outside the region for work. With anticipated population growth in the coming decades, local employment opportunities are vital, especially in burgeoning sectors like aviation.

Women in Aviation Forum

Women in Aviation Forum.

WSIA stands at the forefront of this employment revolution. “Our current workforce numbers over 4,000, with half being proud Western Sydney locals. We’re not just talking about diversity; we’re living it, with a workforce mirroring the multicultural mosaic of Western Sydney,” Hannouch added.

The construction phase of the airport, on track for completion by mid-2025, continues to offer substantial roles, emphasising increasing female participation. The transition to operational status by late 2026 will expand job opportunities, branching into airport operations, customer service, hospitality, and retail sectors.

“The new airport is a game-changer for Western Sydney. It’s about bringing opportunities to our doorstep, eliminating the need for long commutes to the CBD. Women in our community are the biggest winners here, with access to careers that were once out of reach,” Hannouch concluded.

In essence, Western Sydney International Airport is not just constructing a physical structure; it’s building dreams and breaking ceilings. It is a testament to what can be achieved when opportunity, empowerment, and inclusivity converge, setting a new standard for gender equality in the aviation industry.




Written by: Michelle Warner