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13 November 2023 (Hong Kong SAR) On 8 November, the official grand opening of Regent Hong Kong was an elegant and glamorous affair highlighting the transformation of a landmark property within IHG Hotels & Resorts’ luxury and lifestyle portfolio. The evening exuded elegance and glamour, marking the majestic return of Regent Hong Kong to Victoria Harbour and reinstating its presence as the quintessential epicentre in a city that offers a myriad of cultural experiences. Rooted in the Beauty of Contrast, the evening’s immersive experiences heightened the senses, while showcasing Regent Hong Kong’s transformation, re-establishing its position as a symbol of luxury in the heart of Hong Kong.

ABOVE (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mr. Michel Chertouh, Mr. Chi Wing Lo, Mr. Kenneth Gaw, Mr. Seoungho Jin, Mr. Goodwin Gaw, Mrs. Rossana Wang Gaw, Ms. Christina Gaw, Mrs. Millie Lau, Mr. Daniel Aylmer, Mr. Christophe Vielle

Held in its legacy Regent Ballroom, where history and unparalleled modern luxury merge, the gala event brought together a diverse array of local luminaries and renowned community leaders to celebrate the rebirth of a legend. The star-studded evening was graced by the hotel’s owners, Mrs. Rossana Wang Gaw, Chairman of Pioneer Global Group; Mr. Goodwin Gaw, Chairman of Gaw Capital Partners and Vice-Chairman of Pioneer Global Group; Mr. Kenneth Gaw, President of Gaw Capital Partners and Managing Director of Pioneer Global Group; Ms. Christina Gaw, Managing Principal of Gaw Capital Partners and Executive Director of Pioneer Global Group; Mrs. Millie Lau, Independent shareholder of Regent Hong Kong; Mr. Christophe Vielle, Chairman and Co-founder of GCP Hospitality; Mr. Daniel Aylmer, Managing Director and SVP Greater China at IHG Hotels and Resorts, and Mr. Michel Chertouh, Managing Director of Regent Hong Kong, alongside other esteemed guests such as Mr. Seoungho Jin, CEO of Korea Investment Corporation (KIC), and Mr. Chi Wing Lo, the visionary designer of Regent Hong Kong.

As guests arrived at the glamorous hotel entrance with its cascading feng shui fountain, a red carpet led to the iconic white marble staircase, where generations of Hong Kong society have marked life’s most significant events and gala occasions. Following a Champagne reception, the evening officially commenced with a captivating ballet performance and contemporary adaptation of the traditional lion dance, effortlessly ushering all attendees into the majestic Regent Ballroom. Amidst meticulously designed interiors, elegant table décor with intricate details, guests were transported into a mesmerising world celebrating a harmonious blend of cultures. Here the majestic grandeur of the East, steeped in rich history, gracefully merged with the rapid advancements of the West, with Regent Hong Kong as a pioneering presence over half a century ago – a presence that influenced the evolution of luxury within the city. Now, following its dramatic transformation, Regent Hong Kong ushers a new era of luxury on Victoria Harbour.

Mr. Goodwin Gaw, Chairman of Gaw Capital Partners and Vice-Chairman of Pioneer Global Group, extended a warm welcome to all attendees in the Regent Ballroom, sharing inspiring words “We come together to witness the rebirth of a legend, the transformation from the old Regent to the new Regent – a journey that traces the roots of luxury hospitality, redefining standards and shaping the very essence of modern luxury.”

The celebration was attended by many of the city’s most prolific personalities. Throughout the evening, while indulging in a gourmet menu by the hotel’s culinary team, guests marvelled at a series of captivating performances that continued to narrate Regent Hong Kong’s presence in a celebration of history, reimagined through a contemporary lens. The talented trio dancers captivated guests, while multiple ensembles performed the poetry in motion inspired by martial arts including Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Karate. Ballet dancers skilfully blended classic and contemporary dance. Finally, a performance by Wan Pin Chu, an internationally acclaimed Erhuist, and his father symbolised the transition from legend to legacy. Each performance was complemented by videos that artfully journeyed through the decades, mirroring Regent Hong Kong’s milestones alongside the city’s development. A behind-the-scenes video with a glimpse at the extensive rehearsals and attention to detail that went into producing the Grand Opening Celebration was revealed moments before the crescendo of the evening.

In perfect harmony with the “Symphony of Lights” light show, acrobatic dancers from Italy transformed the façade of Regent Hong Kong into their stage, delivering an expertly choreographed performance. The ground-breaking spectacle was the first vertical façade dance in Hong Kong and was brought to life by Il Posto, a visionary collaboration between choreographer Wanda Moretti and musician Marco Castelli, showcasing the talents of five exceptional dancers. Gracefully defying gravity, the aerial performance acted as an artful metamorphosis that blurred the lines between the built environment and the ever-shifting landscape of the city, a true testament to the boundless possibilities at Regent Hong Kong. Guests also marvelled at the iconic Aqualuna gliding across the harbour, its sails transformed in Regent’s emblematic shade of teal, emblazoned with the hotel logo.  A celebration of the arts and Regent Hong Kong’s cultural richness, the gala showcased the Beauty of Contrast, melding heritage and innovation with a unique blend of music featuring DJ Mengzy’s progressive tunes and visionary Chinese orchestral compositions.

The evening was an epic multi-sensory celebration marking Regent Hong Kong’s majestic return to Victoria Harbour. Guests were immersed in a transformative journey, melding heritage and innovation with awe-inspiring moments, theatrically staged with cinematic framed views of Victoria Harbour.

The show stopping celebration at the harbour’s edge glamorously ushered in a new era of modern luxury hospitality with Regent’s visionary experiential and design signatures brought to life in an artistic showcase of live music and dance inspired by Hong Kong’s rich culture. Regent Hong Kong, once again, stands as the flagship property of IHG Hotels & Resorts’ luxury and lifestyle portfolio as its ultra-luxury presence expands both regionally and internationally.