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The Connaught ExteriorIn a landmark move for the hospitality industry, the Maybourne Hotel Group has forged a strategic alliance with Virtusan, the Swiss trailblazers in wellness technology. This partnership was proudly announced by Dr. Li Wu, the visionary founder and Chairwoman of Virtusan, during her keynote at the 17th annual Global Wellness Summit in Miami.

The collaboration between Maybourne and Virtusan marks a pioneering step in the convergence of hospitality and health tech. It combines the luxury and comfort of Maybourne’s hospitality with Virtusan’s cutting-edge wellness technology, overseen by their esteemed Scientific Advisory Board (S.A.B.), featuring luminaries such as Dr David Sinclair, Dr Andrew Huberman, and Dr Shauna Shapiro.

Claridge's  Exterior State Rooms

Claridge’s Exterior State Rooms.

This partnership heralds a new era in the hospitality sector, where guests of Maybourne hotels can experience the latest health and wellness protocols directly derived from Virtusan’s S.A.B. These innovative, evidence-based protocols are designed to foster healthy habits, enhancing overall well-being and longevity.

Roland Fasel, COO of Maybourne Hotel Group, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. “Understanding the intricate balance of health, well-being, and longevity is essential for us. By integrating Virtusan’s scientific expertise and technological advancements into our services, we aim to meet and exceed our guests’ wellness expectations at every step of their journey,” he stated.

The core of this collaboration is “Emerse”, a pioneering initiative by Virtusan, uniquely blending digital and physical health experiences within the Maybourne Hotel environments. Dr Li Wu envisions this as a transformative approach, merging science-backed protocols with multi-sensory stimuli to create spaces that naturally encourage healthier lifestyles.

This ambitious project stands not just as a testament to the innovative spirit of both Maybourne and Virtusan but also as a beacon of hope for a future where luxury hospitality and wellness technology blend seamlessly to enhance the quality of life.

In conclusion, this partnership between Maybourne Hotel Group and Virtusan sets a new benchmark in the luxury hospitality industry, promising a future where staying in a hotel is not just about luxury but also about embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle. It’s a bold step towards a future where well-being and luxury go hand in hand, shaping the essence of the hospitality experience.




Written by: Yves Thomas