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APOKI is Korea’s No. 1 virtual K-pop artist with the concept of “a rabbit-like being living somewhere in space.” Active since 2019, she has charmed the globe with music and dance trained in K-pop, expressed through beautiful, cutting-edge computer graphics. She has now grown to a top virtual artist, having over 5 million followers on social media worldwide. The year APOKI debuted in 2019 was the dawn of virtual artists. The concept of virtual artists and VTubers was not as widely known as today and had an image of “geeks” during this time. In the midst of this, since APOKI made her debut, she has led the scene as a virtual artist who is bursting with individuality, incorporating high-definition 3D computer graphics, the latest fashion, and widely popular K-pop music.

Being active in her artist work, releasing original songs since 2021, APOKI releases her first album, Earth Space Time, today!

This album is packed with APOKI’s journey moving beyond the universe and Earth, between real and virtual worlds. The songs in this album have a new feel, just like APOKI’s existence, packed with the most advanced K-pop sounds created by a rich assembly of songwriters and producers. When APOKI released “West Swing (feat. E-40)” in August 2022, the collaboration between a virtual artist and legendary rapper E-40 attracted great attention. Throughout this entire album, listeners can enjoy collaborations with creators who lead the global pop scene today. On top of that, APOKI’s vocals are expressive, which is worth mentioning on its own. As the expressiveness in APOKI’s videos tends to attract attention, the audience should be able to feel how she is not just a newfangled artist in virtual space but is also orientating to full-scale entertainment of the future, listening to her songs as an album artist.

Participating songwriters include big names in music worldwide including Melanie Fontana(Blackpink, Dua Lipa, BTS, Justin Bieber)、Lindgren(Halsey, TWICE, TXT, John Legend), A-Dee(Prince Royce, GOT7, MONSTA X, Luhan), Andreas Carlsson(Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Bon Jovi, Katy Perry)、SQVARE(NCT, Enhypen, ASTRO), Mayu Wakisaka(ITZY, NiziU, Oh My Girl, Yena). From recording to mastering, the production is done in Los Angeles and incorporates the latest trends in K-pop.

Like many K-pop artists who have gained global recognition with their success in Japan, APOKI has a high affinity for the Japanese market.

Among the songs on the album is “Hold On,” sung in Japanese (Released on Aug. 9th of this year, this song was a long hit track in Japan for over three months and was ranked 4th in the USEN Weekly Request Chart(J-POP) (as of Nov. 8th)). In another track, “Winter Blossom (feat. Kotaro Oshio),” acoustic guitarist Kotaro Oshio, who has high popularity in Korea and in and out of Japan, took part, which shows a glimpse of the influence of J-pop. Two remakes of her songs are done in Japanese as well.

On another note, as APOKI is growing in the Japanese market, she has been selected as a model for Popteen, a hugely popular magazine among teen girls in Japan.

To commemorate this release, the following celebrities who have exchanges with APOKI have shared the comments below.

■Melanie Fontana (Singer-Songwriter)

The future is absolutely here. APOKI has not only become the most lovable virtual artist in music, in my opinion, but her vocals soar so far beyond the skills of many human artists. I feel so lucky to have been able to write for this incredible and groundbreaking project.

■GG Ramirez (Singer- Songwriter)

APOKI is a seamless blend of futuristic, out of this world style and every girl, relatable charm. Listening to her music, will make you forget she’s a virtual artist. So excited to be involved in the future of music!

■Kotaro Oshio (Acoustic guitarist participating in “Winter Blossom feat. Kotaro Oshio”)

Congratulations on the album release!

I am really happy that I participated in “Winter Blossom.” I hope that APOKI’s deep and gentle vocals and the sounds of my acoustic guitar will touch many people’s hearts.

■Verbal from M-flo, Teriyaki boyz, Ambush

I love what Apoki is doing, especially the new song Space. It definitely aligned with a lot of asperations that i’ve had as a musician and also much of my creativity spending from music to fashion to tech. Shout out to Apoki and new track SPACE.

■Girls² (Japanese girl group collaborating with APOKI in their song “Countdown feat. APOKI”)

Congratulations on the first album release!

All of APOKI’s songs are refined and beautiful, so we enjoy them a lot every day. As a fellow listener, we were super excited about this release as well. Since we collaborated on our EP “Countdown,” we have been really happy with how we have exchanges even today, through social media such as TikTok. We love the cute and cool APOKI!

Members of Girls²

■Mayu Wakisaka  (Singer-Songwriter)

Dear super-talented Apoki!!

Congratulations on your first album release! You’re a pop icon, fashionista and girl-next door mixed into one! It’s been my honor to have worked with you. I’m a huge fan!

■imma (Virtual model)

Excited for my virtual sister to release her new album! I also think about the Universe and Earth a lot. I think we have to, as virtual beings, right?

■Lil Cherry (Rapper collaborating with APOKI in her song “Shut Up Kiss Me feat. Lil Cherry”)

Multi-dimensional 스페이스로 가버린 아뽀키, 매번 서프라이즈 선물을 가져와주는 느낌이에요. p.s. the green and purple look is my favorite. PYE 🦷🐬

(APOKI has gone to a multi-dimensional Space; feels as if she always brings us a full of surprise gifts! p.s. the green and purple look is my favorite. PYE 🦷🐬)

It can be said that this album, Earth Space Time, serves as proof of APOKI’s high artistry leading the music scene as a representative of the virtual and metaverse world.

On the album release day, APOKI will make a first reveal of a single “Winter Blossom feat. Kotaro Oshio” along with a single and lyric video of “Hashtaggg,” a song in Korean.

【Album Earth Space Time Release Information】

Nov. 10, 2023 (Fri)

APOKI 1st Full Album ”Earth Space Time”

Streaming URL: https://lnk.to/apoki_1st_album

CD Purchase URL:

・Amazon Japan : https://shorturl.at/crzX0

・HMV: https://t.ly/W480k

* New single “Hashtaggg” MV URL: https://youtu.be/oftYiln6Ioo?si=HyyWpnfRWcAXWV9m

*APOKI’s Profile:

With the concept of “a rabbit-like being living somewhere in space,” APOKI is Korea’s first and the No. 1 virtual K-pop artist. Since February 2019, she has been gathering attention for her dance and song covers of K-pop and global hit songs, mainly on YouTube and TikTok. She has a total of over 5 million followers worldwide on social media.

APOKI debuted in February 2021 with “GET IT OUT.” Since then, she has released original songs and gained global popularity with her cute appearance, excellent sense of fashion, overwhelming vocals, and sharp dance performances. In August 2022, she released “West Swing feat. E-40,” a collaboration with American rap legend E-40. The song was a smash hit mainly in Japan, South Korea, and North America.

While APOKI releases music as an artist, she connects virtual and real spaces as an influencer. She has collaborated with brands including CASIO G-SHOCK Women, Charles & Keith, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Burberry. In November 2023, she will release her long-awaited first album, Earth Space Time.