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Despite complex weather conditions, the 2023 vintage for Loire Valley wines will live up to its promise. Thanks to the professionals’ know-how and attentiveness, Loire Valley wines will offer a unique palette of surprising, fruity and delicate flavours to amaze and delight the curious and those who love the excitement of new discoveries.

Unprecedented weather conditions, resulting in some amazing wines

The weather dictated its conditions more than ever. And this year, it was very different along the whole of the Loire. Sometimes wet, sometimes scorching. So, there was a varied picture
from one appellation to the next in terms of yield and ripening. Winegrowers cleverly made the most of this atypical year to offer a vintage full of surprises and remarkable wines, offering a splendid balance between sweetness and acidity, with wonderful fruity notes and moderate alcohol content, typical of the Loire.

“Despite it proving to be a particularly stressful season for winegrowers, the vintage is showing promise in terms of quality for most of the regions. Bearing in mind the disparate weather conditions, the agility and technical prowess demonstrated by the winegrowers during harvesting were particularly vital this year. The care taken in the wine-making process is now a determining factor in ensuring a high-quality vintage to meet our consumers’ new expectations,” says the Chairman of InterLoire, Lionel Gosseaume.

The 2023 vintage for the Loire Valley’s flagship wines promises delicate, complex and subtle notes and flavours, demonstrating once again the diversity, contrasts, innovation and perpetual renewal of Loire Valley wines.

As the summer season and festive celebrations approach in the land Down-Under, the first Chardonnays and Pinots Noirs destined for use in the future production of Crémant de Loire offer a balanced and fruity aromatic profile, with a wonderful freshness and tremendous promise.

The dry white wines are a distillation of all the professionals’ know-how and attentiveness, which have brought to life some initial wines that are fresh, delicate and fruity. In the Muscadet region, the scorching heat led some estates to harvest at night to avoid excessively high temperatures which could have triggered premature fermentation. And yet the sunshine gave the Melon de Bourgogne grapes their distinctive freshness.

For grapes intended for making rosé wines, the heatwave in early September encouraged ripening. Australian crowd-pleasers like Cabernet d’Anjou and Rosé d’Anjou from the Loire region will be perfectly balanced, combining a rounded sweetness with acidity.

Despite lower yields due to the vagaries of the weather, the Cabernet Franc reds offer a really fine quality with a wonderful roundness and silky tannins.

Make every occasion sublime with the Loire Valley wines 2023 vintage

Delicious times await us with the great variety of original, superb-tasting wines from the Loire Valley. The diversity of Loire Valley wines makes them a perfect match with savoury or sweet at any time, from everyday moments to celebrations.

Here a few handy suggestions for you: Savour the multiple aromas of a Muscadet white to pair with your oysters or cold seafood platters.

Serve a luscious Rosé d’Anjou with sweet and savoury canapés for a drinks party with friends.

Let a Touraine Sauvignon Blanc bring out the best in a mixed seasonal salad.