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A smiling woman with dark curly hair in bed under the covers, head on a white pillow,.Just because the vacation is over doesn’t mean the feel-good factor has to be. While traveling has the ability to transport people from autopilot into unleashing their best life, the comedown can be tough. Back to reality with too many emails, a holiday glow that is fading fast and a mountain of laundry, the post-vacation blues can set in, with one in five (17%) Hong Kong travelers leaving that high-vibe vacation ‘feeling’ on the doorstep as soon as they arrive home.  According to Booking.com’s travel predictions for 2024, over two thirds (74%) of Hong Kongers want to be more like their vacation self in their everyday life. With that in mind, Booking.com shares five tips on how travelers can hold onto their best self back home – from daily rituals to adopting a more carefree mindset.

Let go

Travelers in 2024 increasingly want to surrender themselves to the element of surprise, explore the unknown and venture into uncharted territory on vacation, with over half (64%) reporting they would like to have no plans set in stone prior to traveling. Adopt this carpe diem travel mindset in the day-to-day, shifting from rigorous planning to relinquishing control for the art of letting go. Leave evenings or time at the weekend free to decide what feels good in the moment, and allow things to happen instead of making them happen. Whether surfing all day, or working all day, going with the natural flow leaves people more open to chance encounters and experiences, with every waking moment an adventure waiting to unfold.

Take center stage

Over half (66%) of Hong Kong people feel ‘main character energy’ on their travels, so why not channel this vibe a little bit more at home? The majority put themselves first and take control of their own narrative on vacation, and travelers can extend this behavior by being a little bit more selfish in their day-to-day lives. Think about the unique qualities and motivations that influence travel plans and trips, such as a love of nature or a passion for stand-up and carve out more ‘me-time,’ whether it’s a trip to the comedy club, foraging in the wild, or simply savoring a cup of tea without feeling guilty. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to put everyone else’s needs first: being more selfish isn’t about disregarding others, it’s recognizing the importance of self-care and prioritizing well-being to enable people to show up as the best version of themselves.

Shift out of autopilot

Awakening the senses with exciting new foods and sights, as well as being more active is an epic combination that assists in making travelers feel more conscious, with 80% reporting that they feel more alive than ever when on vacation. To help bring this feel-alive sensation into everyday life, keep taste buds stimulated and join the one in five (23%) Hong Kong travelers who cook the foods that they enjoyed whilst away, jazzing up even the most monotonous meals with ideas and ingredients from other cultures. Routines are necessary, but there’s a fine line between following habits and falling into a rut because it’s comfortable. Try to mix up the daily routine with new experiences to enliven the senses and get moving more. If working out of the home office, for example, try incorporating an energizing ‘virtual commute’ walk before and after work to mark the beginning and end of the workday – and switch it up by taking unfamiliar routes to stay alert and mindful of new surroundings.

Make the most of keepsakes

Trip throwbacks don’t only have to be souvenirs and other momentos of vacations gone-by. With many travelers (37%) looking back over photos from the trip to reignite the holiday feeling in their everyday life upon their return, why not consider creating a photo book or album of holiday highlights. With a number of apps on offer that can help streamline from camera-roll to keepsake, it has never been easier to create something that will help relive and revive that vacation-vibe with nostalgia.


Being away can really bring out the inner child in travelers, and there’s a certain hunger for fun and games that is sparked from stepping away from the day-to-day. From bat and ball on the beach to a game of cards over a sunset cocktail and letting loose on the dancefloor, play is part of the daily vacation ‘to do.’ On return, keep that vacation feeling alive by doing activities that help maintain a sense of joy, finding new ones as well as those enjoyed during the time away such as mastering the art of paddleboarding or spicing up the night with some salsa dancing. In a world where technology means people are always connected, play allows people to step away from the daily grind and can be hugely energizing. Back home, try to tune into what depletes your daily energy and boost those moments with some revitalizing playtime – however short – to find a rhythmic balance between the expenditure and renewal of energy.