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Souza’s “ No. 26 ” championship car appears at the Lisboa MacauIn an unprecedented show of support for Macau’s storied motor racing legacy, Lisboa Macau teams up with Filipe de Souza, the venerated torchbearer of Macau’s racing prestige, to kindle the passion for the landmark 70th Macau Grand Prix. The partnership culminates in a ten-day spectacle, the “Grand Prix Car Fan Party,” hosted in the vibrant corridors of Lisboa Macau from now until the 12th of November.

This dazzling “Sousa Racing Personal Exhibition” serves as an ode to the motorsport legends of Macau, enlivening the local sports culture and setting the stage for the high-octane thrills of the annual Grand Prix. The exhibit is not merely a display; it’s a tribute, a gathering of enthusiasts, and a herald of the adrenaline-filled races to come.

Ms. Anqi Leong, Member of the Legislative Council of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government, Ms. Jiang Yang, Director of Lisboa Macau, and Macau’s top local racing driver Sousa (Filipe de Souza) took photos with all the guests

Ms Anqi Leong, a Member of the Legislative Council of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government, Ms. Jiang Yang, Director of Lisboa Macau, and Macau’s top local racing driver, Sousa (Filipe de Souza), took photos with all the guests.

Lisboa Macau, since its grand opening, has been a bastion of local sports progression, investing in events that bring the community together. The “Grand Prix Fanatic Party” is their latest endeavour, a salute to the prodigious talent of local racing heroes like Souza. Esteemed figures, including Ms. Leung An-chi from the Macau Legislative Council and Ms. Jiang Yang, Director of Lisboa Macau, graced the event, extending their heartfelt aspirations for Souza’s success in the upcoming 70th edition of the Macau Grand Prix.

The revered Macau racing maestro, Souza, has been a pivotal figure in motorsports for two decades. His groundbreaking victory at the Guia Cup, where he emerged as the first local champion, is the stuff of legends. A mentor and pioneer, Souza’s victories transcend the track—he shapes future champions.

Last year, Souza’s prowess was on full display as he clinched the “Guia Race – TCR Asia Challenge” title. This unparalleled achievement etched his name in the annals of Macau’s racing heritage. The exhibit pays homage to these triumphs, showcasing his prized No. 26 championship car, a pantheon of trophies, his racing attire, and a tapestry of glorious racing moments.

The “Sousa Racing Personal Exhibition” offers aficionados and novices an unprecedented glimpse into the soul of racing. The exhibit not only shines a light on Souza’s illustrious career but also on the passion and energy he brings to the sport. It’s an opportunity for visitors to get up close and personal with a piece of Macau’s racing heart.

Lisboa Macau’s collaboration with Souza underscores a commitment to nurturing local sports, envisaging a synergy between tourism and athletic prowess to spur a multi-faceted economic landscape.

As the 70th Macau Grand Prix draws near, the Lisboa Macau’s vibrant “Sousa Racing Personal Exhibition” is poised to stoke the embers of racing fervour, fueling dreams and inspiring the next generation of motorsport greats.

For those wishing to immerse themselves in the racing spirit, the exhibit at Shop R30B, 1st Floor, Fun Factory, H853 Lisboa, Macau, is open, free of charge, Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Let the engines roar, the spirits soar, and the legend of Macau racing continue to burn bright in the heart of Lisboa Macau.




Written by: My Thanh Pham