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The events brought together travel agents who are part of the Tahiti Specialist Programme where Caroline Brunel, Australia and New Zealand Tahiti Tourisme Representative provided a comprehensive update on The Islands of Tahiti. The newly appointed General Manager for the national carrier Air Tahiti Nui, Grant Sinclair was also in attendance to share the great news of the carrier’s 25th anniversary. Delicious Maitai cocktails and the flavours of the dinner were inspired by the destination and musicians playing Tahitian music brought a little bit of The Islands of Tahiti to Australia. 
Prizes were drawn where travel agents were given the chance to win champagne, Tahitian pearls and one travel agent was the lucky winner of securing a spot at the next trade famil to the destination. 
There’s another event taking place in Auckland for New Zealand travel agents tonight. 
Some of the recent updates in the destination are as follows: 
Tahiti Fa’a International Airport
New Tahiti Tourisme Information Desk 
Tahiti Lockers Service, new storage room available 24/7
The new look of the refurbished Cruise Terminal
Soon to open hotels and resorts
Marquesas Islands are in the running of becoming a new UNESCO World Heritage Site for both cultural and natural categories. The remote islands are considered some of the most authentic parts of Polynesia and offer a very unique experience.
The Islands of Tahiti are excited to be hosting the surfing events of the Olympics in 2024