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Tennessee Welcomes YouEmbarking upon a journey through Tennessee unveils a trove of exhilarating adventures, each promising to etch unforgettable memories in the hearts of those daring enough to indulge. This Southern gem is a haven for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, offering many bucket-list-worthy experiences that will ignite the adventurer in you.

In the rolling hills of West Tennessee, a mere 40 minutes away from the vibrant beats of Memphis, lies an escapade for those willing to defy gravity. Skydiving in this region is not merely a sport but an art, allowing adventurers to dance with the winds and embrace the boundless skies. With the guidance of seasoned instructors and the reliability of top-notch equipment, participants are guaranteed a safe yet heart-racing plummet through the heavens, providing a new vantage point to admire the picturesque landscapes below.

Ocoee River, Tennessee

Ocoee River, Tennessee

Journeying eastward, the call of the wild becomes irresistible as the roaring Ocoee River, a veteran of the Olympics, unveils its 11-mile stretch of relentless rapids. With over 300,000 paddlers answering its call annually, it stands tall among the premier whitewater rivers in the United States. Meanwhile, the rugged beauty of the Nolichucky River, cradled by the Bald and Unaka Mountains, promises a white-water odyssey through its nine-mile gorge, challenging even the bravest of souls. The Upper Pigeon River, with the Great Smoky Mountains as its backdrop, offers an exhilarating Class III rapids roller coaster. At the same time, its gentler sibling, the Lower Pigeon River, extends an invitation to families and those seeking serenity, punctuated by moments of gentle rapids and swimming spots.

For those searching for a tranquil yet invigorating encounter with nature, the Hiwassee River, proudly bearing its State Scenic River title, presents a mosaic of Class I and II rapids interspersed with challenging Class III sections during water releases. A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, it offers self-guided rafting adventures, guided fishing expeditions, and cozy accommodations.

Tennessee's Sequatchie Valley

Tennessee’s Sequatchie Valley

In the state’s northeastern corner, the skies become a playground as hot air balloons ascend gracefully, offering panoramic views of the stunning landscapes below. The Sequatchie Valley, with its lush hills and pristine beauty, sets a mesmerizing stage for paragliding, marrying the thrill of flight with the serenity of nature.

Yet, Tennessee’s allure extends beyond its natural wonders. Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort cradles Suite 1986, Dolly Parton’s former motorcoach and a living tapestry of her life on the road. This exclusive suite, transformed into an opulent sanctuary in March 2022, invites guests to immerse themselves in the world of a musical legend, all while enjoying top-tier accommodations and personalized services.

In the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a magical light dance unfolds each June as synchronous fireflies perform their luminescent ballet. A rare spectacle once shrouded in obscurity, and it now captivates thousands of spectators eager to witness this unique mating ritual.

No journey through Tennessee would be complete without a pilgrimage to the hallowed halls of the Grand Ole Opry. Here, a VIP backstage tour unveils the secrets of the Opry, granting access to themed dressing rooms, the cherished Family Room, and the Circle Room’s premium lounge, culminating in a seat on stage to witness the curtain rise on an unforgettable performance.

As the pages of this adventure-laden chapter turn, Tennessee stands ready, offering a canvas for memories, a playground for the bold, and a sanctuary for the soul. Unleash your inner adventurer and let the Volunteer State redefine the boundaries of your bucket list.




Written by:  Jill Walsh