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On Board Odalisque III Southwest Tasmania Scenery Bathurst Harbour - cTim-GreyIn an exquisite fusion of luxury and adventure, the “Odalisque III” expedition cruise, tailored for Tasmania’s pristine wilderness, has been inaugurated into the esteemed collection of Luxury Lodges of Australia.

The year 2023 saw the grand unveiling of Odalisque III in Tasmania by the reputed On Board brand. This exquisite vessel, explicitly designed for discerning travellers, offers an intimate setting for a mere 12 guests, providing them an exclusive gateway to the most secluded parts of Tasmania’s renowned UNESCO World Heritage wilderness.

The hallmark journey offered by On Board is a five-day enchanting exploration of Port Davey, nestled in the isolated Southwest coast. This captivating region remains untouched by modern roads, preserving its wild allure. It houses the revered Southwest National Park and is an intrinsic part of the UNESCO Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage. The vast harbour of Port Davey stands as a testament to the raw beauty the world is swiftly losing, making every expedition there a memory for the ages.

Starting and concluding in the cultural hub of Hobart, this expedition amplifies the experience by offering a breathtaking 40-minute seaplane transfer, leading guests to a secluded floating lodge. Here, travellers are treated to Tasmania’s culinary treasures, including sustainably sourced seafood, exquisite wines, and rich whiskies, all served within lavish lodgings that boast uninterrupted views of the pristine wilderness through vast windows.

Within the embrace of the Southwest National Park, guests are ushered into immersive adventures. Guided by seasoned experts, they traverse Bathurst Harbour, delve into age-old rainforests, and hike the untouched terrains. Every step offers a possibility, from encountering rare fauna to delving into Tasmania’s Aboriginal communities’ rich history and culture.

Sustainability remains the cornerstone of the Odalisque III’s existence. With the vessel accommodating only 12 guests, its environmental impact remains negligible. Every guest undergoes comprehensive orientation on ecological stewardship, ensuring the wilderness remains undisturbed. The boat celebrates locality, from minimizing food miles to spotlighting regional crafts and creations.

Pieter van der Woude, the visionary founder, voiced his excitement, stating, “It’s an honor for On Board to be affiliated with Luxury Lodges of Australia. Together, we aim to redefine experiential tourism, bringing forth the genuine warmth of Tasmanian hospitality.”

Penny Rafferty, Executive Chair of Luxury Lodges of Australia, highlighted the strategic alliance, noting that On Board’s unique offerings bolster their existing portfolio, creating synergies with their Tasmanian member, Saffire Freycinet.

Special Announcement: A limited-time offer beckons. Reserve your Odalisque III expedition before December 9, 2023, and avail an AUD$1800 travel credit for your Tasmanian escapade. This offer is valid from November 10, 2023, to May 30, 2024. Explore complete details at onboardexpeditions.com.au/luxury-lodges-celebratory-offer and ensure you mention ‘Luxury Lodges Celebratory Offer’ during your inquiry.




Written by: Michelle Warner