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Israel National FlagAs thousands of travellers scramble to find an exit route amid dwindling flight options, the ongoing crisis in Israel draws harrowing parallels to the distress witnessed post-9/11. Robin Assist, a premier global emergency travel assistance platform, is raising this alarming comparison.

This intense situation emerged to the fore last week. By October 8th, Robin Assist had already extended a helping hand to approximately 3,000 individuals stranded in Israel. The sheer volume of such cases is staggering, surpassing the typical number of requests received during standard operational periods.

Robin Assist’s expertise isn’t limited to conventional travel predicaments. Over the past quarter of a century, they’ve played a vital role in rescuing individuals from war-torn areas and disaster-stricken zones. Sasha Gainullin, CEO of Robin Assist, provided a stark insight into the ongoing Israeli situation. “In my 25 years of working in the emergency assistance and travel insurance domain, the current circumstances in Israel strongly resonate with the aftermath of 9/11. The logistical nightmare stems from heightened security concerns coupled with the herculean task of coordinating movement for thousands keen on exiting Israel,” Gainullin stated.

based on flight comparison site Skyscanner at the time of writing

Based on flight comparison site Skyscanner at the time of writing.

However, the challenges are far from over for those fortunate enough to secure a flight. The prevailing crisis has led to a sharp decline in available flight options, with numerous airlines halting their services to and from Israel. Consequently, travellers are forced into a corner, opting for extended, convoluted routes. Data from Skyscanner, a leading flight comparison website, paints a grim picture: routes to major destinations like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco are now clocking in at 31 hours, 24 hours, and a staggering 32 hours, respectively.

based on flight comparison site Skyscanner

In light of these trying times, many stranded individuals have voiced their frustrations and fears, lamenting, “We will never be able to get out.” There’s also growing disappointment with embassies, which many feel fall short of providing essential support during this crisis.flight comparison site Skyscanner at the time of writing.

The unfolding events in Israel underscore the critical importance of efficient, comprehensive travel assistance, especially during unforeseen emergencies. Platforms like Robin Assist not only provide a lifeline to stranded travellers but also highlight the intricate challenges that come with global crises.




Written by: Anne Keam