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Tourism Australia BillboardA year after its initiation, Tourism Australia’s audacious global initiative, “Come and Say G’day”, has propelled a laudable rebound in international visitation, placing Australia firmly on the global map.

For 12 months, this campaign has graced critical international tourism hotspots, extending a heartfelt invitation to global wanderers and supporting the vital rejuvenation of Australia’s tourism industry. Celebrating this remarkable feat, brand mascot Ruby the Kangaroo has gracefully adorned grand billboards in world capitals like New York, London, Singapore, Chengdu, and Beijing. These billboards send an inviting message and vividly portray Australia’s mesmerizing landscapes.

Phillipa Harrison, Tourism Australia’s esteemed Managing Director, elucidated the transformative journey of the campaign. “On its launch in October 2022, Australia saw visitations hovering around 50% of the monthly pre-COVID figures. As of July 2023, we’ve witnessed an uplifting rebound to roughly 80% of the July 2019 stats,” declared Ms. Harrison. She also lauded the campaign’s success, underscoring its pivotal role in reaching and surpassing the pre-pandemic tourism surge.

The campaign’s efficacy isn’t just in numbers. The global perception of an Australian vacation has witnessed a noteworthy upswing. The compelling data shows a 10% surge in global flight searches to Australia compared to 2019. Adding depth to this strategy, Tourism Australia has cultivated 190 strategic partnerships, spanning prominent airlines to trusted travel agents. The overwhelming consensus? A notable surge in the global interest in Australian holidays post the campaign’s launch.

Susan Coghill, Chief Marketing Officer of Tourism Australia, weighed in, expressing little astonishment at the campaign’s international success. She remarked, “Its adaptability has been its strength, enabling resonance both in English and non-English speaking territories.” Ms Coghill highlighted the campaign’s versatility, citing its strategic integration during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, amplifying Australia’s global presence.

In a world of competition, “Come and Say G’day” has carved a niche and set a precedent for global tourism campaigns, illustrating Australia’s undying spirit of resilience, adaptability, and innovation.




Written by: Bridget Gomez