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Architect’s Impression- DFS Yalong Bay DFS CIRCLE Members’ LoungeThe global luxury horizon is about to change forever. DFS Group, the front-runner in luxury travel retail, revealed an audacious venture set to reshape the face of luxury: the establishment of a first-of-its-kind, seven-star luxury retail and entertainment sanctuary at Yalong Bay in Sanya, Hainan, China, targeted for 2026.

Spread across an impressive 128,000 square meter expanse, DFS Yalong Bay promises an unparalleled retail spectacle with over 1,000 world-renowned luxury brands, headlined by the iconic LVMH Group. This mega-destination will seamlessly blend sumptuous shopping with elite accommodation, exquisite dining, and world-class entertainment. Designed to captivate both the international jet-setters and domestic aficionados, this venture is anticipated to etch Sanya into the global luxury map.

Architect’s Impression- DFS Yalong Bay Luxury Boulevard Entrance

Architect’s Impression- DFS Yalong Bay Luxury Boulevard Entrance.

Benjamin Vuchot, the visionary Chairman and CEO of DFS unveiled the groundbreaking plan at Cannes, saying, “DFS Yalong Bay is not just an ambitious project for DFS, but a milestone for the entire Chinese travel sector. Picture the grandeur of Shanghai, Macau, Dubai, and Las Vegas, and now, imagine Sanya joining this illustrious league. Yalong Bay is slated to be the jewel of Hainan – a region earmarked by China’s government to morph into the world’s preeminent free-trade port.”

In addition to its robust economic positioning, Hainan boasts plush resorts, pristine beaches, and top-tier medical facilities, making it a haven for luxury aficionados. “Considering Hainan’s trajectory towards becoming a global luxury retail titan, DFS Yalong Bay is poised to be our crowning achievement, enriching our worldwide portfolio,” Vuchot added enthusiastically.

The overarching aim? To pioneer Hainan’s luxury movement and set new benchmarks in fashion, beauty, watches, and jewellery. Nancy Liu, the dynamic President of DFS China, emphasized, “Yalong Bay stands as the epitome of opulence in Sanya. At DFS, we’re all set to curate unmatched personalized experiences for our esteemed clientele, making significant strides in our expansive global strategy.”

To sum it up, Vuchot remarked, “Today’s announcement is our unwavering pledge to elevate Sanya and Hainan on the world luxury stage. Post the fruition of DFS Yalong Bay, we anticipate an influx of over 16 million visitors annually by 2030, creating unparalleled economic avenues in Yalong Bay.”




Written by: Christine Nguyen