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TravMedia_Australia_medium-sized_1582340_Cuenca__Foto_Fundación_Municipal_Turismo_para_Cuenca_01From October 16th to 19th, the charming, historic city of Cuenca, Ecuador will be the setting for the sixth edition of the REMOTE Immersion, presented by REMOTE Latin America in a different Latin American country year. The traveling boutique event brings together independent luxury hotels and Local Experts specialized in Latin America with Travel Designers from all over the world, with the aim of promoting connections and inspiring exchanges, good business and sustainable tourism in the region.

This year, the REMOTE Immersion fosters the theme The Joy of Life: healthy experiences for travelers, hosts and the planet, celebrating how tourism can promote the health and well-being of people and nature in times of climate and humanitarian emergencies. As in other editions, the REMOTE Immersion is divided into moments of business meetings, activities and experiences, relaxation and learning. Three inspiring keynote speakers will lead the REMOTE Talks: Dimitri Poffé, Huntington disease advocate and founder of Explore for Huntington, Gaby Molina, director of Communications of Sombreros Ortega, and Santiago Peralta, co-founder of Pacari Chocolates. They will be preceded by travel professionals from the REMOTE Community in the third edition of REMOTE Seeds.

“Our event was born intimate and remains so because we believe in the power of true connections and partnerships to strengthen independent tourism in Latin America. With a small group, we have the opportunity to create meaningful bonds that go beyond business and networking,” says Roberto Bittelman, director of REMOTE Latin America.

The selection of Cuenca as host destination follows REMOTE Latin America’s objective of unveiling off-the-beaten-path destinations, putting them on the map of international tourism. “Ever since the first edition, in the Brazilian Amazon, moving through to Chilean Patagonia, Las Catalinas, in Costa Rica, Barichara, in Colombia, and Cafayate, in Argentina, one of our inspirational pillars has been to encourage responsible, low-impact tourism that generates opportunities in new, remote destinations. In addition, of course, to encouraging the discovery of true hidden treasures in Latin America!” explains Ligia Secco, director of REMOTE Latin America.

Surrounded by history, arts, traditional culture, natural landscapes and amazing people at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level in the Ecuadorian Andes, Cuenca is a magical city that preserves its culture and traditions, offers authentic, transformative experiences and is committed to developing increasingly responsible tourism. Still largely unexplored by international tourism, Cuenca is investing in infrastructure, experiences, training and local involvement to develop sustainable tourism that benefits local communities.

“We are very happy to receive this edition of REMOTE Immersion because it promotes exactly the kind of tourism that Cuenca is seeking: committed to the destination’s well-being and sustainable development and offering its visitors unique, authentic experiences,” celebrates Lorena Aristizabal, executive director at Fundación Municipal Turismo para Cuenca.


A journey towards positive impacts and a sustainable event

“This year, more than ever, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador and the Fundación Municipal Turismo para Cuenca, which share our values, we are investing in our journey towards sustainability,” says REMOTE LA director Clara Davies. “We have always been concerned about the legacy we are going to leave for the destinations that welcome us with open arms. We seek to reduce our negative impacts and increase the positive ones,” Davies explains. This year, REMOTE Latin America has partnered with REGENERA ONG and is working with the destination to develop a sustainability strategy that generates significant, meaningful results for everyone involved, starting with Cuenca and its residents.

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria, REMOTE LA is conducting a process of listening and exchange with several local entrepreneurs in Cuenca so that they can advance their sustainability practices. The work of evaluating, measuring, managing and implementing sustainable actions is divided into seven strategic areas: air transport, land transport, hotels, tour operators, restaurants, venues and the destination. It involves a series of criteria and indicators ranging from waste management and efficient purchases to training and the team’s commitment to sustainability.

The REMOTE Immersion also promotes the REMOTE Legacy, a series of free presentations led by tourism experts and offered to the local community as a way to share and give back to the host destination. This year, the REMOTE Legacy (Legado REMOTE) will be held at Teatro Sucre at 8:30 AM on October 18th.