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W Melbourne - Fabulous Room - BedroomIn an era dominated by the rapid hustle and bustle, where life often seems like a blur, one of Melbourne’s premier establishments, W Melbourne, has decided to offer an oasis in time. Encouraging patrons to revel in the present and indulge in life’s exquisite treats, they are unveiling their sensational ‘Celebrate The Now’ experience.

Poets, artists, and thinkers have always championed life’s fleeting moments and the art of savouring them. Tapping into this age-old wisdom, W Melbourne’s latest offering is more than just an overnight package; it’s a philosophy – a call to embrace those small joys and luxuries that make life incredibly sweet.

Spectacular Studio View

Spectacular Studio View

And what could exemplify luxury more than the timeless elegance of Veuve Clicquot? Renowned across the globe for its effervescent charm, this champagne has become a symbol of celebration and sophistication. Every guest who avails of the ‘Celebrate The Now’ package will be greeted with a 750ml bottle of this luxurious beverage, setting the tone for a memorable stay.

But the pampering doesn’t stop there. The package includes a ten-piece box of gourmet chocolates to add a local touch and a hint of sweetness to the experience. Not just any chocolates, mind you, but the handcrafted masterpieces from Cacao, one of Victoria’s artisanal gems. These chocolates are more than mere confectioneries; they are a delightful journey into the heart of Victoria’s rich culinary landscape.

For those keen on seizing this unparalleled experience, W Melbourne has made the booking process incredibly simple. Prospective guests can make reservations using the promotional code ZJ1. While the pricing is dynamic, with rates starting from a competitive $530 per room per night, the offer is valid for stays until December 31, 2023. Given the exclusivity of the package and the allure of its components, it is poised to be a hot favourite among locals and tourists.

In essence, W Melbourne’s ‘Celebrate The Now’ is not just a stay; it’s a statement. A reminder that in a world that constantly chases the future, there is incredible beauty and joy in cherishing the present. Whether raising a toast with Veuve Clicquot or letting a piece of Victorian chocolate melt slowly in one’s mouth, these moments make life magical.

So, why wait? Time might be fleeting, but luxury, elegance, and life’s little pleasures await you at W Melbourne.




Written by: Christine Nguyen