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GTM Travel Media - Newsletter logoIn an ambitious and trailblazing move, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has unveiled plans to introduce its globally revered Hyatt House brand to Australian shores. This monumental expansion is set to occur in Melbourne’s dynamic South Melbourne precinct, magnificently positioned on the cusp of the Central Business District.

Slated for a grand inauguration in 2025, this cutting-edge venture, christened the “Hyatt House South Melbourne,” will comprise 97 opulent guestrooms. This novel initiative not only commemorates the debut of the Hyatt House brand in Australia but also underscores Hyatt’s fervent commitment to proliferating its select-service brands throughout the Asia Pacific sphere.

Hyatt House South Melbourne Exterior Rendering

Hyatt House South Melbourne Exterior Rendering.

A hallmark of sophistication and convenience, Hyatt House South Melbourne is meticulously crafted to cater to discerning guests who yearn for expansive, state-of-the-art accommodations. Whether a brief sojourn or an extended residence, the hotel promises an unparalleled experience. Guests will be ushered into a realm that seamlessly blends the aesthetic finesse of contemporary design with the serenity of a home.

Strategically nestled amidst South Melbourne’s bustling expanse, guests are a stone’s throw away from iconic destinations. Everything is within arm’s reach, from the culinary delights of the South Melbourne Market’s diverse shopping venues to a galaxy of entertainment landmarks. Add to this proximity to the ANZAC station, the verdant Royal Botanical Gardens, the pulsating Australian Grand Prix racetrack in Albert Park, and critical business corridors, and you have a truly unparalleled location.

Speaking about this prestigious collaboration with Holder East Ltd, David Udell, Group President, Asia Pacific, Hyatt, elucidated, “The Hyatt House brand epitomizes a sanctuary, providing not merely a place to stay, but an abode to live. We are talking about amplified living spaces, augmented working environments, all delivered with a unique blend of flexibility, comfort, and characteristic Hyatt touches.”

This edifice is currently under construction and is an integral component of the Oasis Residences. This urban haven, conceived and executed by the illustrious Hayball architects, promises a harmonious blend of leisure and functionality. With diverse room configurations, each suite is an epitome of luxury. From fully-equipped Kitchen Suites boasting state-of-the-art amenities to the inviting H Bar—ideal for a gourmet breakfast or a relaxed evening cocktail—the hotel encapsulates the quintessence of opulence.

CJ Wu, Chief Operation Officer of Holder East Ltd, echoed similar sentiments, “Hyatt House South Melbourne isn’t just another hotel; it’s a transformative experience. It redefines luxury, offering guests an oasis that mirrors the comforts of their home.”

The inception of the Hyatt House brand back in 2012 was a pioneering endeavour. Rooted in the legacy of the very first Hyatt establishment, it was conceptualized to offer guests more than a hotel room—a home. With the Hyatt House South Melbourne, the brand is set to fortify its global presence, adding another jewel to its illustrious crown of over 130 properties worldwide.

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Written by: Michelle Warner