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FCM-logoIn a decisive move that promises to reshape the landscape of the global Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry, FCM Meetings & Events (FCM M&E), the prestigious division of the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), declared its audacious worldwide expansion. Aiming high, this initiative is steered by the seasoned travel maven Simone Seiler as the new Global General Manager.

Seiler, known for her vast industry expertise spanning over two decades, has been a beacon of knowledge and global connections. Entrusted with this new role, she aims to amalgamate all the international M&E segments under a unified umbrella, leveraging her expansive experience and distinctive prowess.

Recent insights from an FCM M&E white paper illuminate the tremendous growth potential of the MICE market. Forecasts project a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% from 2022 to 2030, eyeing a staggering USD 1563.3 billion valuation by the decade’s end. The potential of this industry is colossal, with in-person events and corporate travels rapidly driving global business resurgence.

Seiler passionately stated, “The world stands at the precipice of a MICE industry metamorphosis. Recognizing the insatiable global appetite for authentic and tailor-made event experiences, we’re primed to harness this unprecedented resurgence. The evident surge in demand for human connection through events and meetings is a testament to the sector’s vitality and is felt universally.”

Leveraging its robust global presence, FCM M&E boasts a diverse leadership team strategically positioned across vital international markets. This expansion heralds a new era, making the firm the quintessential choice for organizations seeking unparalleled MICE solutions.

Echoing this sentiment, Marcus Eklund, FCM’s Global Managing Director, lavished praise on the M&E division, terming it the crowning jewel of the sector. With FCM’s global footprint spanning over 100 countries, the ‘glocal’ approach remains at the heart of their strategy, merging global reach with localized expertise. He affirmed, “Our M&E segment has displayed remarkable resilience and growth potential in recent times. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of industry know-how, we’re uniquely positioned to cater to industries eager to revive in-person engagements.”

Reinforcing this perspective, a 2023 Business Travel Index report by GBTA indicated that a commanding majority of executives, over 80%, favour in-person meetings over digital interactions.

Charting the future, FCM Meetings & Events has delineated its growth strategy focusing on three pivotal areas:

  • Meetings: Comprehensive services encompassing venue acquisition, detailed planning, and on-site assistance.
  • Event Travel: Holistic group travel services, including flights, accommodation, transfers, and team-building initiatives.
  • Events: End-to-end event management solutions, from inception to execution.

The appointment of Seiler is emblematic of FCTG’s commitment to excellence and its forward-looking vision. The path ahead, illuminated by innovation, technology, and unparalleled expertise, heralds a new era for FCM M&E and the MICE industry.




Written by: Michelle Warner