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With Dubai Fashion Week just around the corner, on the 10th – 15th October, the finalists have finally been announced, with international designers from all over the world invited to bring the most exquisite style to the catwalk.

Here is a peak of the finalists; Carolina Herrera from New York, Bazaza from Lebanon, Dima Ayad from UAE, Lama Jouni from UAE, Mrs. Keepa from UAE, Weinsanto from France, Blssd from UAE, Emergency Room from Lebanon, Pipatchara from Thailand, Yaspis from Ukraine, Amato from UAE, Ihab Jiryis from Palestine, Michael Cinco from UAE, Manish Malhotra from India and Rizman Ruzaini from Malaysia.

Looking to achieve the look?

Here is where you can shop in your next Dubai stop over:

  • Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest shopping malls. Here you can check out the world’s most famous brands, with an entire floor dedicated to world-class shoes. This is a must-see for a guaranteed cutting-edge shopping experience.
  • The Mall of the Emirates – one of the leading malls in Dubai, hosting more than 560 shops with a mixture of high-street brands, boutiques, handicraft shops and luxury stores.
  • WAFI Shopping Centre is the home of luxury, showcasing beautiful and extravagant boutique stores. Looking for a high-end summer frock or a luxury bag to match your fit – even if you’re not looking to buy, it’s a must see for shopping the “Dubai Luxury Look”.
  • Dubai Marina Mall – is a massive luxury shopping centre right on the waterfront. If it’s a hot day, this is a great place to shop and cool down, with restaurants nearby for when you’re needing a break. It also has four floors dedicated to well-known global brands, ranging from accessories, fashion, and cosmetics.
  • 7lbn Battututa Mall – If you’re looking for a little cultural education, a visit to the world’s largest themed shopping mall is the place for you. Home to more than 250 shops, you are sure to find a unique item of clothing here. The mall offers enormous outlets from around the world as well as small boutique stores.

This is just a snippet of the best shopping hot-spots Dubai has to offer. With Fashion Week just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can shop the look.