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Bogota, ColombiaIn a passionate push for inclusivity and exotic exploration, Colombia’s premiere LGBTQ tour company, Out in Colombia, unveils two enticing travel packages to Santa Marta’s coastal haven. This expansion gracefully complements their current Cartagena and Medellin ventures.

“Santa Marta is a canvas painted with lush jungles and pristine beachfronts, awaiting adventurous spirits to craft their tales,” expressed Sam Castaneda Holden, the visionary CEO and founder of Out in Colombia. “This is a call to those seeking the authentic Colombian experience, a blend of nature’s grandeur and cultural richness.”

Tourists will commence their journey in the historically rich Cartagena with options to indulge in a Rum and chocolate Tasting Experience or uncover the artistic heartbeat of the Getsemani district through a Street Art exploration. The adventure further unfurls in Santa Marta, a locale where nature’s grand designs meet luxury, from boutique stays ensconced in the natural embrace of jungles and rivers to exclusive ventures at Playa Cristal’s glistening waters.

For the ones yearning for an immersive journey, a transition from Medellin’s urban vibrancy to Santa Marta’s tranquil coastlines is available. While Medellin offers a dynamic look into its transformative history, Santa Marta beckons with its rich past, from guided historical jaunts to the mesmerizing views of Cabo San Juan in Tayrona National Park. Those seeking thrills can take on the rapids of the Don Diego River or embark on the ancient Taironaka Archeological Trail.

Being ambassadors of one of the planet’s most biodiverse nations, Out in Colombia deeply values environmental stewardship, integrating sustainable practices in its tours. Their curated packages mirror the company’s ethos, emphasizing culture, nature, and meaningful intercultural exchanges that resonate with Colombia’s multifaceted heritage.

Further championing community involvement, Out in Colombia collaborates with local LGBT+ business minds, infusing the essence of homegrown initiatives into their tour packages. This synergy ensures tourism’s economic dividends are equitably distributed, nurturing local enterprises and upholding their commitment to societal growth.

For a comprehensive look into their offerings, journey over to https://www.outincolombia.com.




Written by: Octavia Koo