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Replica of the Newgrange Tomb Passage and Chamber -- Newgrange Visitor Center County Meath April 2018County Meath, Ireland’s Ancient East, is gearing up for an unprecedented Halloween experience this October, promising festival enthusiasts and folklore aficionados the event of a lifetime. As the vibrant autumn leaves herald the season’s end, the illustrious Púca Festival (27-31 October) is set to captivate hearts with a mesmerizing blend of music, mythology, culinary delights, and fireside festivities. Dive deep into the lore and witness Halloween come alive where it all began – Ireland’s enchanting east.

Born in the historical realm of the Boyne Valley, the festival’s heartbeats in the twin towns of Trim and Athboy. As days shorten and shadows lengthen, these towns prepare to recapture the essence of Samhain, the Celtic precursor to Halloween. Once a time of thanksgiving for bountiful harvests, the Celts believed that during Samhain, the delicate veil separating the mortal world from the spectral realm would thin, letting the creatures of lore wander freely among us.

Named after Púca, a notorious shape-shifting entity from Celtic legends known to alter destinies during the ancient New Year, the festival ensures goosebumps and exhilaration at every turn. The streets of Trim, a town distinguished by its iconic medieval castle, will light up with a vivid opening parade. This grand spectacle interweaves outdoor theatre, street artistry, and soul-stirring music, offering a riveting ode to Samhain traditions, nature’s waning vitality, and the creeping winter darkness.

But that’s just the beginning. The renowned Hill of Ward in Athboy, a monumental site of bygone Samhain congregations, beckons visitors for the grand fire ritual and the festival’s spellbinding finale.

A galaxy of musical stars graces the festival stage: The Charlatans, The Waterboys, Damien Dempsey, Hot House Flowers, Sharon Shannon, Jack Lukeman, Mack Fleetwood, The High Kings, Ennio Morricone Experience, and the razzle-dazzle of Davina Devine Drag Show. Amidst these musical renditions, laughter takes centre stage with comedy maestros Reginald D Hunter, Jason Byrne, Tony Cantwell, and Emma Doran.

Every evening, the tales of yore come alive with ‘Candlelit Tales’. Awe-inspiring daily circus displays promise breathtaking Irish-themed acrobatics. And for the brave-hearted? Embark on the Púca Trail and chase the elusive spirits of this land.

No festival is complete without feasting. The Harvest Market showcases the region’s culinary gems, allowing visitors to relish traditional delights like barm brack, colcannon, and baked apples.

This year, the Púca Festival isn’t merely a celebration; it’s an invitation to time travel. From listening to enchanting beats under the starry sky to chasing ghostly tales and relishing gastronomic wonders, there’s something for everyone. Step into a world where myths turn real and every moment is magic this October.

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Written by: Octavia Koo