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Mangia DC Food Tours, a leading culinary experience provider in the District of Columbia, proudly announces its recognition as one of the Top 10 Best Food Tours in the nation by USAToday. This esteemed honor not only celebrates the exceptional experiences offered by Mangia DC Food Tours but, more importantly, highlights Washington, D.C. as an epicenter of culinary gems and a diverse, culinary destination. Being included among the nation’s top food tours signifies Washington, D.C.’s vibrant culinary scene and the city’s status as a top culinary destination. It is a testament to the city’s culinary prowess and the countless talented chefs, diverse eateries, and cultural flavors that make up the fabric of our nation’s capital.

“Our team is humbled and honored to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Food Tours in the nation by USA Today,” said David Saxe, CEO, and Chief Eating Officer of Mangia DC. “We take great pride in our role of showcasing the hidden culinary gems and curating immersive food experiences for locals, private groups, and travelers. It is a privilege to support our team of passionate locals who have played an instrumental role in putting D.C. on the map as a culinary destination worth celebrating!”

Mangia DC Food Tours also recognizes the immense support and dedication of Mayor Muriel Bowser and her team in fostering a vibrant and diverse culinary landscape in Washington, D.C. The Mayor’s commitment to promoting local businesses and celebrating the city’s cultural heritage has been instrumental in creating an environment where culinary entrepreneurs thrive, and culinary traditions are honored. Salah Czapary, the Director of Mayor Bowser’s Office of Nightlife and Culture, said, “We are incredibly proud of Mangia DC Food Tours. This award only confirms what we already know, that D.C. is not only our Nation’s Capital but also a culinary capital. I look forward to seeing how Mangia DC Food Tours continues to expose residents and visitors alike to the diverse array of culinary options and traditions DC has to offer.”

Mangia DC Food Tours proudly brings home a win for Washington, D.C., putting our nation’s capital on the map as a renowned culinary destination.