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DAMARALAND NAMIBIAFrom the heart of Damaraland in Namibia, Ultimate Safaris has unveiled its latest endeavour, the eco-conscious Camp Doros. This project sets the bar even higher in an intimate, sustainable exploration of the untouched splendour of the African landscape. Camp Doros elegantly succeeds the renowned Huab Under Canvas, becoming a notable new addition to Ultimate Safaris’ exclusive portfolio.

Enveloped in a lush grove of Mopane trees, Camp Doros offers a panoramic view from its perch on a riverbed’s high bank. The camp, unobtrusive and naturally integrated into its surroundings, operates year-round to deliver an immersive ‘back to nature’ encounter that leaves little to no environmental footprint. Fuelled entirely by solar power, the establishment marks a pinnacle of sustainable tourism in Namibia.

Guests at Camp Doros can expect to be thrilled by daily escapades beyond the traditional tourist trails. As the sun descends, each evening is lit with treasured memories and experiences that leave lasting impressions. The camp provides a unique blend of privacy, intimacy, experiential adventures, and flexibility unmatched by the traditional lodges and camps of south Damaraland or the Twyfelfontein area.

Camp Doros Opens– The Ultimate In Immersive Exploration Comfort Under Canvas In The Heart Of Damaraland Namibia.

Camp Doros Opens– The Ultimate In Immersive Exploration Comfort Under Canvas In The Heart Of Damaraland Namibia.

A key highlight at Camp Doros is the in-depth exploration of Damaraland under the guidance of an Ultimate Safaris Naturalist Guide. The unique activities include tracking the elusive desert-adapted elephants and rhinos, exploring ancient rock art, and engaging in immersive nature drives and walks. To top it all off, star gazing tutorials add a celestial dimension to the 360-degree experience at Camp Doros.

The camp boasts six luxury guest tents – including a family unit – all elegantly elevated on platforms to enhance the serene experience further. Each tent features solar lighting, 220V charging points, and en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets. With a focus on sustainability, the camp shuns typical brick and timber structures and provides a unique, eco-friendly luxury.

The shared areas within Camp Doros strike a balance between comfort and elegance. They feature a dining room, a lounge with fireplaces, a bar serving area, a welcome plunge pool, and a sun deck. The dining service is equally exquisite, offering solar and wood-fired meals to satisfy the discerning palate.

Upholding sustainability principles, the campuses recycled materials for furniture construction and implemented a sophisticated reclamation process for wastewater. A diligent waste management system ensures minimal environmental impact and an offsite laundry conserves precious water resources.

Set in the core habitat of the black rhino, the camp enables guests to track these endangered animals under the guidance of experienced Rhino Ranger teams. The centre offers spectacular views of Damaraland’s landscape with diverse wildlife, including kudu, springbok, mountain zebra, giraffe, cheetah, leopard, and hyena.

Accessible to all, the camp offers a fully inclusive package that encompasses meals, local drinks, and activities. Its proximity to the Onduli Airstrip makes it easily reachable, with daily pick-up services for self-drivers and a 75-minute guided nature drive into the camp. The camp is family-friendly, welcoming children over six years old with a comprehensive children’s menu and activities.

Ultimate Safaris, known for its conservation efforts and pioneering life-enriching safari travel, is committed to creating a more resilient future for people and wildlife. Their approach is in sync with a broader vision for responsible, sustainable tourism, intertwining close collaboration with local communities and efforts towards preserving the natural world.

Camp Doros is a shining example of Ultimate Safaris’ commitment to building a sustainable and thriving tourism industry in one of the world’s most fragile environments. Its opening marks a new chapter in Namibia’s safari journey, setting a benchmark for other regional establishments.




Written by: Don Power