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Cutting-edge travel insurance provider, battleface, known for its modular and flexible insurance products, is excited to announce a new partnership with Click and Trip, the Australian-owned online travel agency specialising in private guided getaways. This strategic collaboration aims to provide travellers with a customisable and seamless travel experience by utilising battleface’s industry-leading modular API functionality and the innovative digital approach of Click and Trip.

battleface has built a reputation for its dedication to cater to the diverse needs of modern travellers through its modular insurance products. The rapidly growing company is known for designing relevant products for today’s travellers by unbundling travel insurance benefits and has already secured significant traction in the U.K, Europe, USA and Canada.

The new partnership allows Click and Trip travellers to seamlessly customise their travel insurance coverage according to their specific needs, destinations and planned activities. From hiking Machu Picchu and discovering ancient ruins to relaxing on a private island in The Maldives, travellers can feel confident they have the correct insurance protection.

Click and Trip are committed to providing a tailored solution for their travellers’ requirements. Their website offers a comprehensive collection of travel resources bookable in one, simple, user-friendly site, available 24/7. With a self-booking system, it empowers the traveller with the knowledge and tools needed to craft their own dream trip with ease.

By embedding battleface insurance offerings into the Click and Trip platform, travellers can conveniently add flexible travel insurance products to their trip through ‘My Account’ on the website or at the check-out process. Travel insurance is mandatory for many of the trips on the website, so being able to select the required travel insurance needed for the journey just as easily as they did with their itinerary, streamlines the entire holiday experience.

“We are delighted to welcome Click and Trip as our new partner”, says Matt McLellan, battleface Managing Director, Australia. “Click and Trip shares our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and personalised travel solutions. With this partnership, we’re excited to extend our modular insurance products to Click and Trip’s customers, providing them with the peace of mind they deserve during their travels.”

Nyssa Lloyd, Click and Trip Managing Director, says: “Like Click and Trip, battleface is like no other; an innovative, fresh, trend-setting, rule-breaking company; that stands out from the crowd and will play a major part in Click and Trip’s future achievements. They have already bettered our user experience, delivered outstanding service, and it’s only the beginning. I cannot wait to see what the future brings to our venture.”

Interested travel partners can reach out directly to the Australian team via partner@battleface.com. For more details about battleface, visit: https://www.battleface.com/en-au/.

Standard cover from battleface includes protection against Trip Cancellation of up to $40K per person, personal liability cover of up to $2.5M, and unlimited (for up to 12 months of treatment) Emergency Medical and additional expenses cover. Customers will also have access to battleface’s in-house claims and 24/7 emergency assistance and customer service.