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CybersecurityIn a breakthrough announcement today, the emerging cybersecurity firm Siometrix unveiled its game-changing dual-layered cybersecurity offering. The novelty of this advanced product hinges on introducing the “Siometrix Fingerprint,” a resilient identity protection mechanism supplemented by an extraordinary technology serving as a potent shield against the rising tide of ransomware assaults. Together, they promise a comprehensive cybersecurity bastion for corporations operating in an increasingly precarious digital environment.

Shantanu Bhattacharya, Siometrix’s visionary Founder and CEO, unveiled the daunting statistics: “Over 90% of cyber-attacks are birthed by identity theft, primarily via phishing or social engineering techniques.” He elucidated the protective prowess of the Siometrix Fingerprint, their maiden line of defense, highlighting how it secures user accounts even amidst compromised usernames and passwords.

As a further feather in its cap, Siometrix introduces a second layer of fortification against rampant ransomware invasions. The new product’s innovative technology intertwines flawlessly into the user’s file system, distinguishing and thwarting unauthorized attempts to access vital data. Even when an account is jeopardized, and hackers seize administrative controls, access to opening, copying, or encrypting files remains out of bounds.

Bhattacharya added, “Ransomware attacks have skyrocketed, with 493 million successful strikes recorded in 2022 alone. Therefore, the indispensability of a dependable guard against these assaults has shot up. Our technological innovation protects an organization’s digital treasury, prohibiting data pilferage and ransomware-induced damages effectively.”

In a world where enterprises wrestle with soaring cyber threats, Siometrix’s novel dual-layered offering plugs a gaping hole in the cybersecurity market. This comprehensive solution ensures protection even in user security lapses, emphasizing the need for robust, automated defences and user education. The solution’s relevance is especially pronounced in industries with less tech-savvy workforces, like retail and hospitality.

Endorsing Siometrix’s unique approach, Professor Emerita Marianne Winslett, a cybersecurity veteran with thirty years of experience from the University of Illinois, expressed, “Ransomware is an operational catastrophe for its victims. From the interruption of business activities to the steep costs of data recovery or ransom, the possibility of negative publicity, and the future threat of data exposure unless additional payments are made – the aftermath is severe. Siometrix’s strategy of isolating your network and data from unknown devices can thwart ransomware from gaining a foothold, even when systems are otherwise compromised.”

Siometrix is powering ahead with developing its commercial-grade solution, garnering funds, and procuring customers at an impressive pace. The overwhelmingly positive reception from potential investors and clientele paves the way for the start-up’s rapid progression.

Asked to comment on the cyber threat landscape forecast for the coming year, Bhattacharya warned, “The cybersecurity situation is on a worsening trajectory. Corporations must prioritize the integration of robust ransomware and identity protection in their security blueprint. Our dual-layered solution offers a critical shield, bolstering businesses against the intensifying cyber onslaught.”

Siometrix’s robust dual-layered cybersecurity solution is reassuring businesses that their data and systems can withstand evolving cyber threats. For additional information, a product demonstration, or investment opportunities, kindly visit Siometrix’s website at www.siometrix.com.




Written by: Jason Smith