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Surfing Nicaragua!The trailblazing Rise Up Surf Retreats celebrated for their immersive surfing experiences, has launched an innovative retreat dubbed the Surf & Breathe Adventure. This unique one-week retreat offers an exceptional blend of breathwork sessions guided by the prominent somatic coach and breathwork facilitator, Barbara Stamis, and the thrill of surfing in the stunning setting of Northern Nicaragua.

Experience unforgettable surfing at one of the most untouched and pristine surf destinations in Nicaragua

Experience unforgettable surfing at one of Nicaragua’s most untouched and pristine surf destinations.

Scheduled for February 17-24, 2024, the Surf & Breathe Adventure is a transformative journey designed to rejuvenate your nervous system, promote physical healing, and mitigate emotional stress through the practice of conscious breathing and the invigorating energies of the ocean. With only ten places available, participants are assured of personalized attention and an intimate connection with the natural world.

The illustrious Barbara Stamis, renowned for her comprehensive understanding of somatic coaching, breathwork, and functional movement education, will steer participants through an enlightening process of self-discovery and empowerment. Merging ancient wisdom with scientifically validated methodologies, Barbara’s mission is to unlock rigid patterns within the body and breathing system that might impede personal development and wellness. Her ultimate objective is to cultivate a life of total embodied freedom for each attendee.

Breath, recognized for its potent healing capabilities, has the potential to alleviate various physical and emotional ailments. During the Surf & Breathe Adventure, guests will delve into diverse breathing techniques tailored to their personal requirements, thus enabling them to let go of outdated patterns and align with their true essence. This transformational journey will unfold amidst the majestic Nicaraguan landscapes, creating an ideal environment for profound healing and revitalization.

The retreat’s schedule is meticulously crafted to nurture mind, body, and soul while cultivating a community of individuals sharing similar interests. Through profoundly transformative breathwork sessions, participants will connect with their intrinsic energy source and receive the healing they need. Alongside these profound breathing exercises, attendees can surf the spectacular surroundings of Northern Nicaragua’s black sand beaches, graced with palm trees. Rise Up Surf Retreats promises an unparalleled surfing experience, offering diverse breaks based on varying tides and conditions in one of Nicaragua’s most untouched and pure surf spots.

The Surf & Breathe Adventure’s early bird pricing starts at $2,950 USD per person for a double occupancy room, available until July 15th, 2023. The regular pricing kicks in at $3,250 USD. Due to limited spots, interested individuals are urged to book their spots early for this transformative adventure.

Phil Southan, the co-founder of Rise Up Surf Retreats, shares his enthusiasm: “If you’re a highly motivated individual seeking to heal physical discomfort and emotional distress, the Surf & Breathe Adventure is your ideal retreat. We extend an invitation to join us in our Nicaraguan paradise, to experience the transformative potency of breathwork and surfing amidst the natural splendor of Northern Nicaragua.”

For more details about the Surf & Breathe Adventure Retreat, visit the official Rise Up Surf website or secure your spot directly here.




Written by: Jason Smith