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Tourism Australia_Holiday Highlights_TVC_Screenshot_3Australia, the host country of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, is gearing up to flaunt its rich and diverse travel experiences to the global audience through an exciting marketing campaign. This innovative initiative, an extension of Tourism Australia’s international “Come and Say G’day” campaign, is titled “Holiday Highlights” and is expected to reverberate around the globe, especially in the countries competing in the high-profile football tournament.

Don Farrell, the Australian Minister for Trade and Tourism, emphasizes the timely leverage of the international event to exhibit the multitude of unique destinations Australia has to offer. “The world’s attention on Australia during the Women’s World Cup is a golden opportunity to invite global travellers to experience our vibrant nation. Our ‘Holiday Highlights’ campaign will be featured in key markets, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, and South Korea,” said Mr Farrell.

Phillipa Harrison, the Managing Director of Tourism Australia, notes that the campaign’s launch is ideally timed, coinciding with the tourism industry’s robust recovery post-pandemic. “Major events like the Women’s World Cup enable us to project Australia’s exceptional tourism experiences to billions worldwide. We hope to inspire the audience to plan an Australian vacation once the final whistle has blown,” she stated.

Susan Coghill, Chief Marketing Officer of Tourism Australia, reemphasizes the importance of capitalizing on the global event’s cultural significance to augment the reach of the “Come and Say G’day” campaign. The new promotional drive will once again use the character Ruby, the souvenir kangaroo, in a familiar setting like Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef to appeal to viewers’ nostalgia while extending a warm invitation to visit.

The “Holiday Highlights” broadcast ad, available in 30 and 15-second versions, presents a unique experience. Ruby, voiced by Australian actress and Tourism Australia’s Global Ambassador Rose Byrne, returns as a sports commentator in the advertisement. It showcases the wide array of destinations and experiences Australia has to offer while featuring rising stars from the Queensland Indigenous Football’s young women’s team playing football under a starlit sky on a Gold Coast beach.

Damian Munday, the CEO of Queensland Indigenous Football, expresses immense pride in associating with Tourism Australia to showcase the warm Australian welcome to the world and celebrate women in sports. “Our foundation is ecstatic to be part of Tourism Australia’s global initiative during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This is a unique chance to raise awareness of our mission to create more access to football opportunities for young Indigenous Australians,” said Munday.

The much-awaited “Holiday Highlights” campaign comes after the successful multichannel “Come and Say G’day” campaign launched last October in 15 key international markets, featuring the character Ruby. It’s now time for the world to get acquainted with the stunning, football-loving, adventure-filled Land Down Under.




Written by: Stephen Morton