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Leading U.S. lifestyle and travel publication, Travel + Leisure, has named Capella Hotels and Resorts the Best Hotel Brand in the world for their 2023 World’s Best Awards. This honour is a result of the hundreds of thousands of votes cast by readers for the 28th edition of the travel industry’s most trusted rankings. The prestigious, global recognition is a testament
to Capella’s dedication to mastering the craft of hospitality and bringing their best-in-class properties to exciting destinations around the world. In the coming year, Capella will be opening new properties in some of the most sought-after destinations from Japan to the Maldives and beyond.

“We are humbled and grateful to receive this incredible accolade, especially as it comes directly from the readers and our guests. These awards solidify that the passion, care, and attention to detail our team employs in upholding exceptional Capella service, is resonating.” said Cristiano Rinaldi, President, Capella Hotel Group. “And we are very excited to bring our visionary curation of culture and experiences to more extraordinary locations around the world.”

Capella is set to elevate the luxury hospitality scene with a series of exciting new openings in renowned cultural hubs. Among these ventures is the highly anticipated launch of their first property in Kyoto, Japan, scheduled for 2025. Designed by the esteemed architectural firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, this exquisite four-story hotel will consist of 92 rooms and find its home in the historic Miyagawa-chō district. Other upcoming openings include Fari Islands, Maldives (2027) also designed by Kengo Kuma and featuring villas and mansions located on land or over water; Yang Yang, South Korea (2024); and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2025). Capella will also continue to expand within China to Nanjing (2025) adjacent to Changjiang Road, the center of the city’s historical and cultural district with more than 1,800 years’ worth of history, and to Shenzhen (2027), as well as Taipei, Taiwan (2024). Each opening will stay true to the Capella vision, embodying excellence in the craft of hospitality while combining tradition, discovery, individuality, and a bit of the unexpected, all to create the perfect stay for each guest.


Embark on a transformative 21-day odyssey with Capella Hotels and Resorts, where the essence of Capella Curates is unveiled through the stirring of the 7 senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Scent, Movement, and Spirituality. Each sense comes alive at a different Capella property, crafting an extraordinary sensory journey like no other, illuminating the way to meaningful escapism as represented by each of the 7 points of the Capella Star.

Experience the exciting flavours of Chef Eric Neo’s gastronomy adventure at Capella Singapore, tantalising your taste buds and igniting an exotic culinary journey as told through Singapore’s vibrant food culture. Discover the mystical Thai healing rituals guided by Ajarn Subin and Master Wat at Capella Bangkok, immersing yourself in an oasis of rejuvenation and spiritual awakening.

Immerse yourself in Sydney’s lively art scene at Capella Sydney, where visionary artist Otis Carey crafts a bespoke masterpiece exclusively for you, adding a visual symphony to your stay. Indulge in the captivating live operatic performance of Bui Thi Trang, elevating your private dining experience to new heights of sophistication at Capella Hanoi.

At Capella Tufu Bay, uplift your well-being with authentic Tai Chi sessions led by Master Peng, skilled at harmonising your mind and body in the tranquil surroundings of the Dream Odyssey Pool. Witness a private Balinese dance performance in the regal ambiance of the highly exclusive Royal Palace near Capella Ubud, experiencing the enchantment of Balinese culture in a setting very few will experience in their lifetime.

Finally, at Capella Shanghai, discover the ancient allure of Longjing Tea in Hangzhou, led by the owner. Embrace a bespoke fragrance by perfumer Ni Fangfang, followed by a crafted cocktail by esteemed bartender Mr. Ouyang Zhian. These unparalleled sensory encounters promise to create unforgettable memories in iconic destinations around the world, embodying the essence of Capella’s commitment to curated luxury experiences.

The Senses of Capella journey is available at USD250,000 – inclusive of accommodation, experiences and flights.

For more details on the Senses of Capella package, please see attached appendix, or visit: www.capellahotels.com/sensesofcapella