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Yalla, Henrietta is finally arriving in Melbourne. ESCA Group announces their most beloved chick is making her way down to Melbourne’s Chapel Street. Inspired by the Middle East, built on a dream, ignited by fire, this exciting new Middle Eastern restaurant is officially opening their doors to eager eaters on July 7th, marking a huge milestone for ESCA Group as their first interstate venue.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse flavours of the Middle East, Henrietta combines modern Aussie flair with this unique cuisine, and brings the heat with fire at the heart of every dish. Whilst the menu will be different for Melbournites, all those iconic things you love about Henrietta (think: the falafel, the charcoal chicken, and the garlic toum) will now be available in their newest 80-seater dining space in the heart of Windsor, Melbourne.

“We knew the next step for ESCA would be to expand to Melbourne and become a part of their vibrant dining scene, it only made sense that Henrietta was the first venue to do so. This new Henrietta is a little different to the one Sydneysiders know and love, and leans more into the refined paletes of Melbourne’s elaborate food scene. We found there was a lack of charcoal chicken, and we wanted to share the love, but this time in a more elevated way.” says Ibrahim Moubadder, Co-founder of ESCA Group.

On the menu is Henrietta’s infamous grain-fed charcoal chicken and classic house condiments. However, Henrietta Melbourne is stepping outside of the barriers of simply being ‘a chicken shop’, elevating the Henrietta dining experience so even if you’re not keen on chook, you can feast on their fine alternative options like delicate kingfish with baharat and rhubarb or a mouth-watering Barramundi fillet alongside saffron marqa and caviar. Sprinkle in some spiced cauliflower with cashew tarator and sultanas, or a classic fattoush salad and finish your meal with Henrietta’s ever-so-creamy Tiramisfouf, because there’s always room for dessert.

“At Henrietta we creatively highlight Middle Eastern cuisine, with small nods to Aussie culture. This translates to our drinks offering too. The goal is to be fun and welcoming but ensure really high-quality beverage options. Our wine list is small but intricate, focusing on producers from Australia, the Middle East, and the Levantine coastline. Our signature cocktail pays homage to the Middle-East’s flagship liquor Arak, a grape-based aniseed brandy. We spritz the Arak with some Four Pillars Gin, cucumber, all spice, and pear – a refreshing highball cocktail that resembles Henrietta perfectly”, says Mark Anderson, ESCA Group Bar Manager.

The unique 80-seater space was meticulously designed by renowned Melbourne architects, Russel, and George, who were inspired by the richly layered cultural & literal landscapes of Lebanese tradition. From the ancient to the modern the design draws upon abstracted traditional and gothic motifs and intwines them into a reflective atmosphere that transports the customer into a simple sunset of deep bold blues & rich golden oranges, pairing with the Middle Eastern dishes on their tables.

 “Being a part of Henrietta is something special. Using charcoal and fire as a core component of every dish creates an explosion of flavours that just can’t be replicated, all the way from cauliflower to octopus to our iconic Lebanese hummus, that smokey flavour is what makes it so memorable. It’s Middle Eastern done differently and so much more than the humble chicken and chips you’d expect, with a touch of Australian, I think all new guests of Henrietta will love it. There is something for everyone, and I’m so excited to finally share this menu with Melbourne.” says Ollie Hughes, Executive Chef.

Henrietta Melbourne is unlike anything you’ve seen before from ESCA, so be sure to book your seat (or walk right in). Opening their doors on July 7, head to www.henriettachicken.com for all bookings, enquiries, and further information on the venue.