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Visit Korea Year 2023 - 2024From the mask dances of Andong to the K-Pop beats of Incheon, South Korea is renowned for its rich and vibrant culture, steeped in centuries of tradition yet constantly evolving. This year, as part of the “Visit Korea Year 2023-2024” initiative, the Korea Tourism Organization has curated 100 events that vividly portray the nation’s cultural richness, encompassing both the traditional and the modern, the metropolitan and the regional.

This guide aims to highlight some of the standout events that should not be missed by any culture enthusiast planning a trip to the land of the morning calm.

Andong Mask Dance Festival

Andong Mask Dance Festival

The Andong Mask Dance Festival (October 2-9, 2023) is an annual event celebrating the ‘byeolsingut talnori’, a mask performance integral to shamanic rituals in the North Gyeongsang Province. It’s a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the mask dances of South Korea, an intrinsic part of Korean heritage, while also witnessing performances from other cultures. The festival, attracting a million visitors annually, exemplifies how masks, a universal cultural symbol, can transcend language and geographic barriers.

Delving further into the history of Korea, the Royal Culture Festival (October 11-15, 2023) invites visitors to ‘Meet the Palace’. The event illuminates the storied past of the nation’s five historic royal palaces and shrines in Seoul through cultural and artistic programs, including exhibitions, performances, and interactive experiences that breathe life into their history.

Music lovers should not miss the Gwangju Busking World Cup (October 1-9, 2023), the world’s most extensive busking audition. With 700 teams of musicians from all corners of the globe, it’s a veritable feast of music, from the sidewalks to the grand stage of the May 18 Democracy Square, where the final 16 teams battle it out for the coveted trophy.

Hallyu fans – the wave of South Korean pop culture enthusiasts – will find their heart’s desire at the 2023 Incheon K-POP Concert (September 9, 2023). Attracting around 40,000 visitors each year, the concert has grown into a comprehensive festival, offering the quintessential Korean experience encompassing K-pop, K-beauty, K-fashion, and various other K-content.

Art aficionados can explore the country’s dynamic art scene during Korea Art Week (September 1-11, 2023). With over 250 exhibition spaces, this event showcases the modern art trends leading the global art market while establishing Seoul as an essential stop on the global art fair circuit.

Finally, the Gangwon Snow Festa (December 1, 2023 – April 30, 2024) offers a breathtaking winter experience. This winter festival provides an unrivalled opportunity to appreciate the splendour of Korea’s winter landscapes while partaking in snow festivals and various Hallyu content-related experiences.

The vibrant colours, enticing sounds, and intriguing Korean cultural narratives await your discovery. For a comprehensive guide to all the cultural experiences on offer, the complete list of 100 K-Culture Travel Events is available for download at visitkoreayear.kr.

This journey into the heart of Korean culture will be unforgettable, richly rewarding, and profoundly transformative. Whether you’re a Hallyu enthusiast, a culture vulture, a history buff, or a casual traveller looking for a unique and captivating experience, this guide to South Korea’s most remarkable cultural events of 2023-2024 promises an exciting and vibrant adventure. Your Korean story begins here.




Written by: Anne Keam