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Queensland is preparing for an influx of tourists ready to thaw out and spend up in a billion-dollar boost to the state’s visitor economy. 

Over the three-week period in which interstate school holiday makers will be travelling to Queensland, 1.5 million people are expected to pass through Brisbane’s domestic and international terminals (Friday 23 June – Monday 17 July). 

While still at only 84% of pre-Covid levels, numbers through the Domestic Terminal are similar to the July school holidays last year, but in the International Terminal passengers are up a whopping 53% on the same holiday period. 

“Not since 2019 have there been so many flight options for New Zealanders to get to Brisbane. Most carriers have boosted capacity as Kiwis escape the winter blues and fly to Queensland,” according to Stephen Beckett, Head of Public Affairs at Brisbane Airport Corporation.

“Sydney and Melbourne residents are also Queensland bound for a dose of vitamin D. Today’s (Friday) forecast maximum in Melbourne is 14 degrees. In Brisbane it will be 27 and mostly sunny. For Queensland, the weather map is the best form of advertising right now.” 

Domestic Travel 

Mondays and Fridays will easily be the busiest days during the school holidays as leisure passengers combine with the normal rush of business passengers and FIFO workers. 

Busiest domestic days:  

  1. Friday 7 July (53k)  
  2. Friday 14 July (53k) 
  3. Friday 30 June (52k) 
  4. Monday 3 July (52k) 
  5. Monday 17 July (52k) 
  6. Monday 10 July (52k) 

Top 10 Cities by passenger volumes (to and from):

  1. Sydney  
  2. Melbourne 
  3. Cairns 
  4. Perth 
  5. Townsville 
  6. Adelaide 
  7. Mackay 
  8. Canberra 
  9. Newcastle 
  10. Rockhampton 

International Travel  

In the International Terminal, the busiest days during the holidays will be early in July, with three days with more than 14,000 daily passengers forecast.  

“We know when Brisbane Airport is busy, Queensland is busy, and that is great news for jobs across the Sunshine State. From Brisbane, passengers can connect to 52 domestic destinations, with 30 of them in Queensland,” according to Stephen Beckett. 

  1. Saturday 1 July (14k)  
  2. Saturday 8 July (14k) 
  3. Sunday 9 July (14k) 

Top 3 inbound markets are: 

  1. New Zealand 
  2. UK 
  3. USA 
  4. India 
  5. Canada 

Top 3 outbound markets are: 

  1. New Zealand 
  2. Indonesia (mostly Bali) 
  3. India (This is the first time India has climbed into #3, pushing UK out of top 3) 
  4. UK 
  5. USA 

Advice for passengers 

“Brisbane Airport has rostered extra staff on to manage the forecast passenger numbers.

“To assist, we’re recommending people arrive 90 minutes before domestic departures, and 3 hours prior for overseas travel, so that you build in a buffer to cope with busy roads, parking, terminals or delays to your taxi or rideshare.

“Passengers are also advised to book parking well in advance, with an increase in the number of people driving to the airport, or being dropped off by family and friends, rather than catching taxis or rideshare. 

“At the International Terminal, the car park is especially busy during the morning with thousands of people arriving and departing in a short space of time, and many are being dropped off by family and friends, so it is busy. That’s why it is important to arrive 3 hours before your departure.” 

Holiday School Activities 

To assist families, there will be activities in the terminals to entertain children before they fly. 

In the Domestic Terminal, Camp BNE will be running during the school holidays from 8am-1pm from Friday 23 June to Sunday 9 July. This will be near Gate 24. It will include a place to relax, watch a movie or take part in a Camp BNE Scavenger Hunt around the terminal. 

Camp BNE will also operate at the International Terminal on the Village Green from Saturday 24 June to Wednesday 28 June from 7am-noon on the Village Green.  

“We will also be trialing the use of therapy dogs at the Domestic Terminal for pats and to calm nerves before flying. This will take place on Tuesday 11 July and Wednesday 12 July between 9am-11am.”