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Palace Resorts, an all-inclusive vacation provider with properties in Mexico and Jamaica, announced it selected Amperity, the leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for consumer brands, to integrate its first-party data strategy to enhance end-to-end guest experiences.

Through Amperity’s 360-degree view of the customer, Palace Resorts can now effectively unify, manage, and activate data from digital channels and offline transactions to deliver personalized guest experiences. This allows the resort to gain a comprehensive understanding of guest preferences and behaviors, regardless of what property they are visiting. Having the data in one central location enables the resort to create a more relevant and engaging experience for its guests, building lasting customer relationships that drive business success.

“Data plays a critical role in enhancing and personalizing the guest experience. With Amperity, we have a real-time view of our guests that allows us to be more efficient and more effective,” said Ivan Hernandez Villafan, IT Project Director at  Palace Resorts.”Amperity gives us the confidence in the data we need to deliver truly memorable moments for our guests.”

Palace Resorts faced significant challenges when trying to understand new and repeat guests’ preferences, making it difficult to determine whether guests preferred a relaxing spa vacation or  a golf excursion or which guests would be receptive to its timeshare program. The lack of clean data kept Palace Resorts from creating a personalized and seamless experience that is critical to driving guest loyalty and repeat business.

“The travel industry is highly competitive and comes with enormous customer expectations,” said Barry Padgett. “Palace Resorts is committed to delivering a smooth and seamless experience to each and every guest. That requires personalized, relevant communications both pre- and post-booking. With Amperity, Palace Resorts has the confidence that they have a complete picture of each guest that is interacting with their brand.”

To learn how other brands like Palace Resorts are partnering with Amperity visit https://amperity.com/customers.