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Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas is an upscale and boutique-inspired, yet intimate, organic and sustainable hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica that remains green all-year round. With open-air social areas, there are few barriers between guests and the untouched natural beauty of Tamarindo. Their secluded accommodations are seamlessly blended in a lush jungle that draws more wildlife than anywhere else in the area. Cala Luna provides guests with home-grown, farm-to-table cuisine with ingredients directly from La Senda, holistic wellness treatments and spa therapies, free bike access, free yoga classes, free functional classes, holistic spa treatments at Lahari Wellness Center, and more. With its distinct offerings that address the body, mind and spirit, Cala Luna earned the title of Most Innovative Wellness Hotel from the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards, the world’s premier independent beauty and wellness awards recognizing outstanding achievements in brand innovation and sustainability across the cosmetics, personal care, food supplement and hotel industries around the world.

One of Cala Luna’s most popular attractions is La Senda, a 74-acre property surrounded by smooth hills and an abundance of nature. Six years ago, Cala Luna opened La Senda for nightly dinners so guests could experience the labyrinth and farm-to-table meals. The dinners were themed around specific ingredients they could grow from their farm, as eating healthy and responsibly is an important part of their lifestyle and devotion to sustainability and mother nature. Currently, Cala Luna grows a variety of vegetables and fruits 100% organically on 5 acres of land and prepares their own natural fertilizers and pesticides. At La Senda, there is no fixed menu as the chef uses ingredients that are harvested daily. Depending on the day’s harvest, the menu is constantly changing and as a main protein, La Senda offers a catch of the day, organic free-range chicken, and vegetarian or vegan options.

“Our most important pillars are sustainability and wellness; we love to provide guests with an authentic and educational experience at La Senda,” said Federico Pilurzu, General Manager of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas. “From our guided meditation in the labyrinth, to a tour of our organic garden, to our farm-to-table dining experience, there’s something for everyone seeking a transformational travel experience that will inspire mindful practices beyond checkout.”

Transformational travel continues to be a growing trend within the industry, this type of travel involves intentionally seeking out experiences that will challenge, inspire, and transform travelers for the better. Through Cala Luna’s holistic and wellness approach, travelers will engage in activities that might push them out of their comfort zone and provide guests with tools for personal growth and development.

Holistic and wellness activities available at La Senda, include:
Guided Meditation in the Labyrinth
The perfect opportunity for travelers to reconnect with nature and clear their minds is the Guided Meditation in the Labyrinth activity. This is the largest labyrinth in the world and measures more than 2.5 acres. Traveling through the labyrinth is a holistic experience that works on the body, mind and spirit.

Kirtan Concert in the Geodesic Dome
For those looking for a calming and centering group experience can book the Kirtan Concert in the Geodesic Dome where everyone sits in a circle with musicians around an altar of flowers and candles at sunset overlooking the labyrinth to create an atmosphere of sacredness, ceremony, equality, and oneness, where the focus is on the group connection.

Sound Journey with Gongs and Crystal Bowls in the Dome
Those looking to relax can book the Sound Journey with Gongs and Crystal Bowls in the Dome where participants simply lie down, relax, and enjoy the majestic sounds and vibrations of unique instruments. The frequencies and sounds help participants transcend normal limited thinking and activate self healing mechanisms in the body.

Ancient Healing Cacao Ceremony in the Labyrinth
For a cultural experience, guests can participate in the Ancient Healing Cacao Ceremony in the Labyrinth where the goal is to break the illusion, limited beliefs, traumas, or anything that is blocking the path of one’s soul. Native shamanic tools like drumming, feather cleansing, smudging, medicinal cacao, and shamanic sound journeys with didgeridoo, ancestral songs and flutes are used.

Temazcal or Mayan Sweat Lodge
With the intention to cleanse the mind, body and spirit, guests can book the Temazcal or Mayan Sweat Lodge experience where there are 28 stones which represent the bones of the earth, a dome shaped structure symbolizing the womb of Mother Earth. The fire keeper places the stones in a hole in the center of the lodge, adding tobacco and aromatic herbs as an offering.
Wim Hof Breathing Session and Ice Bath Therapy
Improve one’s mindset and create inner space and peace with the Wim Hof Breathing Session and Ice Bath Therapy experience. Cold water exposure pushes people to step out of their comfort zone and connect in depth with their physiology, decreasing inflammation and releasing serotonin and dopamine. The session is conducted by certified Wim Hof therapist, Yati Or.

Secret & Sacred Medicinal Garden
This holistic experience uses nature’s elements – roots, barks, leaves, flowers and seeds to create multi-purpose remedies to enhance the wellbeing of the body and all senses. Instructors Viktorija and Inese’s path is to study how to honor nature’s healing abilities through sustainable and loving practices and how to cultivate ancestral wisdom to offer Immunity for the Community.

“WannaBee” Honey?
The Peña family is a lifelong passionate beekeepers family that educates guests with their infinite knowledge and love for bees. They make guests forget their fears and prejudices and introduce them into the wondrous world of bees.

Cooking Classes
This interactive experience showcases La Senda’s chef preparing food in front of guests where they are encouraged to actively prepare their own drink and appetizer.

In addition to the hotel’s retreat packages, guests can go a step further and curate their own custom retreat for the ultimate wellness getaway. Retreat activities include kirtan and sound baths; holistic yoga; freeform ecstatic dance; live music and body painting; natural blue clay transformation experience; drum circles; magical cacao ceremonies; a detox program; and even a kids’ mindfulness program. A certified yoga and mindfulness teacher will lead guests from four to 10 years old through arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, and nature conservation.