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It’s not uncommon for relatives, friends and acquaintances of travel writers to offer to carry their bags when heading on an exotic assignment to a destination most can only dream of. While the offer is mostly in jest, I can see the early signs of envy in their eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I would take these relatives with me if possible, but that is not the protocol. I certainly relish the opportunities I have had over 40 odd years of journalism and broadcasting to have been invited to many magnificent countries to write stories about the experiences they offer. This latest gold-plated invitation has the would-be bag carriers and me drooling.

An invitation to meet in Nice to join the legendary only-five master yacht on a seven-day cruise around the world’s most desirable destinations is an opportunity not to be missed.

Club Med 2 has recently undergone an extensive re-fit from the 184 cabins to the bars, lounge and restaurants and media from around the world were invited to “sea test” it on a seven-day cruise in Nice, Barcelona, Ibiza, Palmer de Mallorca and St Tropez.

The yacht offers an all-inclusive cruise experience, with gourmet dining, an open bar, entertainment, water sports, excursions and gratuities included in the fare. With eight decks, 184 cabins and suites, most of which have ocean views and some with balconies. The cabins are elegantly fitted with wood panelling, marble bathrooms and fine linens.

She has several public areas, including two restaurants, three bars, a lounge, a library, a spa, a fitness centre, a boutique and a casino. A water sports deck can be positioned from the stern, where guests can enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing and snorkelling.

Club Med was founded in 1950 as the first all-inclusive holiday club concept. With properties in 40 countries and 25,000 staff Club Med is the world leader in high-end, exclusive holiday experiences.

Unfortunately, the potential bag carriers will have to use their imagination in conjunction with this and follow-up articles on the cruise. I can’t wait to walk the gangplank.

Club Med has multiple packages for cruises on the Club Med 2 and land accommodation packages worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.clubmed.com.au.




Written by: John Savage