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Breezeway Logo-4Breezeway, a short-term rental property management software leader, has introduced its latest innovation – the Assist AI feature. Powered by ChatGPT’s generative AI technology, Assist AI utilizes deep property profiles and context from guest messages to provide property managers with suggested replies within the Breezeway messaging product.

The new feature is the first of many planned automation solutions within the Breezeway platform, designed to help property managers save time and improve the guest experience. The Assist AI feature is now available to all Breezeway customers, who can access it through the Breezeway Labs settings.

Short-term rental operators face increasing pressure to meet guests’ rising expectations while providing personalized service. Breezeway’s Assist AI feature is designed to help property managers achieve both goals by streamlining their communication with guests while maintaining a personal touch.

Assist AI’s Suggested Replies feature uses ChatGPT’s advanced natural language processing to read Breezeway property profiles, reservations, Breezeway Guide data, and context from guest messages to create suggested responses. Property managers can customize these responses to fit their brand voice and professional style, creating consistency across guest interactions.

Breezeway CEO and Founder Jeremy Gall said, “Our goal has always been to streamline the experience for both the property manager and the guest. Using AI combined with property profile data and task history will greatly reduce the time spent crafting messages and replies, freeing up managers’ time to focus on other areas of business. As a result, guests can expect quicker and more accurate replies.”

Breezeway is one of the first short-term rental property management platforms to utilize AI in this way, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and improving the user experience.

Integrating ChatGPT’s technology into the Breezeway platform provides a glimpse into the future of property management software, where automation and AI-driven insights will become increasingly common.

Breezeway customers can benefit from the Assist AI feature by turning it on in their Breezeway Labs settings. The platform is continually updated with new features and enhancements, ensuring customers can always access the latest tools and technology.

In conclusion, Breezeway’s new Assist AI feature with ChatGPT integration represents a significant step forward for the short-term rental property management industry. The feature is expected to save property managers time and improve the guest experience, helping to drive business growth and profitability. As AI and automation become more prevalent, Breezeway is well-positioned to continue leading innovation and technology.




Written by: Kevin Hall