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TravelierThe travel tech giant, Travelier (formerly known as Bookaway Group), has announced the launch of its new brand to unify the ground and sea transportation industry. The online platform, which operates worldwide, aims to strengthen its market leadership and transform the travel experience for modern travellers by providing stress-free booking services for train, ferry, and bus tickets worldwide.

According to statistics, over 50% of flight and hotel tickets are booked online, while the market share for ground and sea transportation still remains below 15%. Travelier aims to change this by positioning itself as a market leader, enabling modern travellers to book transportation services globally seamlessly.

Founded in 2017, Travelier has created a global network of digital platforms that provides travellers with first-rate and industry-leading services from suppliers, making their travel experience stress-free and enjoyable. Travelier utilizes advanced expertise and technology to offer tour operators the tools and solutions they need to grow, helping local transportation suppliers manage their inventory, leverage untapped data, and increase their visibility and control.

To increase ground and sea transportation operations worldwide, Travelier is investing in its centralized data platform, ‘Travelier Connect,’ which offers suppliers access to an innovative, customizable, and centralized solution with access to a wealth of information and means to meet growing consumer demands with as little friction as possible.

During the pandemic, Travelier acquired five travel transportation companies, including Getbybus, servicing the Balkans; 12Go, in Southeast Asia; SeatOS, for the Asia Pacific market; and Plataforma10 and Sisorg, servicing Latin America. In 2022, Travelier focused on the growth and consolidation of these companies under one corporate identity, enabling each subsidiary to maintain its unique identity while fully supported by cutting-edge technology.

According to Noam Toister, co-founder and CEO of Travelier, the company has accomplished tremendous growth quickly, proving itself as risk-takers by purchasing several travel platforms during the global pandemic and incorporating them under one entity. Toister added that years of steady growth and expansion have allowed the company to invest in a cohesive brand and differentiate itself from other key players in the travel ecosystem.

Travelier worked with Ari & Friends, a US branding agency that has previously worked with companies such as TripAdvisor, SkyScanner, and Virgin Atlantic, to develop the new brand effectively immediately. To explore the website and learn about Travelier’s offerings, visit Travelier.com.

In conclusion, Travelier’s rebranding effort is a significant milestone in the travel industry that will revolutionize the ground and sea transportation industry globally. The company’s advanced technology and innovative solutions will enable modern travellers to book transportation services and easily experience stress-free travel. With Travelier’s investment in its centralized data platform and consolidation of its subsidiaries under one corporate identity, the company is well-positioned to strengthen its market leadership and transform the travel industry.




Written by: Kevin Hall