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On its fourth time, Ser Casasandra launches La Isla Residencia programme, from the 10th to the 25th of April, starring the artist-in-residence- Pablo Armesto, whose work has been recognized in the field of sculpture and design of public spaces, merging the connection between light and technology. The artist will arrive in Holbox with a project inspired by marine bioluminescence, a natural phenomenon for which the island’s beaches are appraised for. Pablo Armesto comments: “It will be an honour for me to be able to work again on a project of these characteristics and to be able to converge ideas for the plastic creation of a series of works that bring us closer to living beings and that transmits the beauty and connectivity of science and art.”

During his residency, several workshops will be held for the young community of Holbox Island, divided into age groups: four to eight years old and nine to thirteen. Pablo Armesto remarks: “The perception and purity with which children face life and their motivations and concerns are what gives me back the illusion of resuming the possibility of knowing.”

His work is framed within an experimental space in which sculpture and painting coexist with the immaterial character of light and shadow, together with technology and science. The luminescence of its pieces is achieved through LED, neon, cathode and fibre optic systems, combined with wood and lacquered metals.

The incredible Yum Balam biosphere, the serenity of Holbox and the rich culture of the Yucatan peninsula make this destination an environment that inspires the art of being creative. In addition to working on art pieces, the residents will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the island’s culture through various experiences and by understanding the origin of the local community.

Inspired by three fundamental pillars: Spirituality, Art and Community, the articulation of an art project, named La Isla Residencia, has been created. Its axis is presented as a program of artist residencies ideal for creation, research, dialogue, and education, organically connected to the daily life of locals. The programme is a way for national and international artists to conceive new projects and develop new ideas, supported by the encounter with nature in the stillness and silence of the magical place of Holbox Island.

For each edition of the residence, once a year, the organizing committee of the Isla Residencia will convene a Board, known as The Selection Committee- that is made up of prestigious personalities from the art field: curators, visual artists, musicians, musicologists, dancers, choreographers, actors, stage directors, writers, screenwriters, audio-visual directors, art critics and more. Each member of the Board may nominate from one to five artists. Then among all, one or two beneficiaries of the residency for that year are chosen.

Moreover, architects and interior designers could also be included. A balance will be sought between Mexican and international artists, as well as between world-renowned and emerging artists. The stay in Holbox will be planned for two weeks, two times a year. To promote diversity within the residence, each edition is dedicated to two different disciplines, from visual arts and music to cinema and literature.