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Bookaway Group, a leading online travel-tech company managing and supporting ground travel services for local transportation worldwide, today announced that it will invest millions in the development of its centralized knowledge hub in an effort to scale the company and enhance efficiency for each of Bookaway Group’s subsidiaries.

In 2022, the company focused on consolidating five travel transportation companies it acquired during the pandemic. In order to scale and maintain a competitive global edge, Bookaway Group decided to heavily invest in consolidating its inventory under one hub to be entitled Boost. Commited to empowering a fragmented sector of the travel industry, ground and sea travel, Bookaway Group will now hold over 8,000 operators in its system under a single API, allowing partners, OTA’s, and affiliates, to easily integrate additional transportation services while maintaining full visibility of assets. By centralizing payments, bookings, and metrics across all of their subsidiaries, Bookaway Group will enable holistic growth for its partners and provide them with additional insight into trends, past customer purchasing behavior, and future industry predictions.

Leading the charge in expanding the platforms’ development will be Yossi Palivatkel under the title of General Manager of Boost under Bookaway Group. Palivatkel is an experienced executive in software development with a background in large scale software architecture and project management. Having served as the CTO and co-founder of RoadRunAir, the Development Director at HotelBeds, and the CTO at Travel Global Systems, Palivatkel brings with him vast experience in the travel tech industry. Yossi will lead an expanding group of data scientists and engineers in developing a centralized knowledge hub.

“I see huge potential in centralizing all of the ground and sea transportation inventory across the globe,” said Palivatkel. “With the right infrastructure in place, bolstered by strong technology and a dedicated team, I’m excited to create a new digital standard in our industry and to play a role in unifying this vertical of travel under one platform.”

Bookaway Group is a global online tech solution resolving a fragmented industry by closing the ground transportation gap. Bookaway Group’s digital platform bridges the world of offline and online – between local suppliers and world travelers – reducing overhead costs for local providers and giving them the tools and insights to optimize business earnings. The hub will expediate  Bookaway Group’s company growth by enabling new subsidiaries and partners to easily access worldwide inventory and seamlessly connect to any type of supplier, regardless of their technology or transportation management system.