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As visitors return to all parts of the country, Holiday Parks New Zealand Chief Executive Fergus Brown says there is plenty of summer to go — and is encouraging people to make the most of the long weekends as much of the wet weather clears.“Although North Island holiday parks were impacted by the weather early in the season, many are now seeing visitors return,” he says. “The early season weather washout would have been disappointing for the many families who had their holidays cut short — but the good news is that holiday parks have plenty of space for them to have a late summer adventure instead.”

The impact on visitors leaving early was not only on holiday parks but was also felt by the local communities, Mr Brown says. Only 20% of guests’ daily expenditure is spent on holiday park accommodation, with the rest spent in the community. Attractions, activities, food and beverage, and local retail outlets will all feel the financial impact of the poor weather.

South Island parks and many in the central and western areas of the North Island are reporting excellent visitor numbers. “It is particularly pleasing to see the West Coast enjoying a period of great weather and full holiday parks,” says Mr Brown.

“And it is great to see international visitors back in force, with many visitors from Germany, the Netherlands, France and the USA joining our many Australian guests in holiday parks across the motu. International visitors to holiday parks have far exceeded our expectations and this bodes well for the rest of summer and into autumn.”