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Angel Redoble Leading APAC CISO (PDLT) Fighting 35 Percent Rise in Online Child Exploitation and 15 Percent Rise in Cyber-Attacks with Launch of DNS Layer Innovation: The Global Chain Of Trust

(OSEAC) – or the production and online publication of visuals depicting the sexual abuse and exploitation of children – is one of the fastest-growing crimes on the planet today.

DNS Layer security innovation from world leading CISO (PLDT), Angel Redoble, The Global Chain of Trust (GCoT) securing DNS to tackle current Internet chaos and alarming rises in online child exploitation and cyber-attacks on national security & businesses

Interpol, ASEAN, FBI, GCHQ, EU and NGO’s such as UNICEF & International Committee of the Red Cross and many global governments (including the Philippines DOJ & DSWD) agree that public and private sectors must work together to beat cyber criminals & online child exploitation

Angel Redoble, GCoT creator says: “The GCoT will remove the current chaos of today’s internet that cyber criminals take advantage of, and meets international calls for collaboration and innovation to protect all our children, as well as national security, essential infrastructures and all sizes of businesses”

Angel Redoble’s world-first innovation, the Global Chain of Trust [GCoT acronym] will become the first line of defence for the internet, protecting national security and businesses alike, but more importantly, fighting online child exploitation currently growing at TWICE the rate of cyber-attacks – at 35 percent and 15 percent YoY respectively.

GCoT creator, Mr Redoble says. “With the YoY growth of online child exploitation (OSEAC) at 35 per cent, it becomes clear that public and private sectors must work together to battle insidious cyber criminals targeting our children. The Global Chain of Trust will enable this.”

He continues, “It will remove the current chaos and become a guardian of the internet DNS space, verifying the legitimacy of websites and building an ecosystem that creates an internet bubble that is safer, trusted, and resilient for everyone.” Mr Redoble explains. “The GCoT enables ISPs to protect their infrastructure and make security services available for all not just big business, but SMEs and even individual residential users, ultimately protecting children everywhere.”